Chocolate coma cookies

1. Tomorrow is D's birthday but since we have a prior engagement that day we are celebrating tonight.
2. I made these chocolate coma cookies in lieu of cake.
3. Cake would have been less tempting.
4. You know that buzz you get in your head when you eat something so perfect you think you might faint? That's me right now.
5. These cookies require real milk. Not skim, not 1%, you gotta go whole hog or at least 2%.
6. If you are lactose intolerant I apologize, you can't substitute nut (spellcheck corrected that to butt but I caught it) milk to go alongside these.
7. They would be worth the pain of real milk. (If you are indeed lactose intolerant)
8. I was in such a state of euphoria I touched the 350 degree pan with my fingertips. A lot of bad words in new arrangements followed.
9. We've both declared that these cookies can never be made in this house again.

Until his birthday next year.

10. Recipe is from Pinch Of Yum. It's really called 'Thick & Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies'


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