Day 4: Posted on Day 5 and 24 Days of Knitting gets off the rails

Phoebe checking out the Christmas Tree 

Oh to be so well organized that things likes getting posts a day off wouldn't happens.

It does happen.

This is the time of year when things can really go off the rails for me with a quickness that would stun you.

I needed photo permission from the designer.

She lives in Japan currently

So everything was already a day off.

Today's Pattern is by The Vulgar Knitter (i love it)

I met Brittany on Instagram.

I really enjoy her user handle @thevulgarknitter it's also her name on Ravelry

So today's pattern is from her collection of hats.

It has everything I like in a hat.

1. Interesting textures.
2. Nice fit
3. Cables - Cables

Pick a beautiful solid or softly variegated yarn with about 200 yards and I bet you'll have this done by dinner tonight, when I post Day 5's pattern pick!

Photo by Brittany

Today's pattern is Aomori, and I googled Aomori and this is what I found,_Aomori

Aomori is knit using a max of 200 yards of worsted weight yarn and simply beautiful. Any of your friends, family, or familiar strangers you pass on the street every day would love to get this hat as a gift.

I hope my brother feels the same way.

Thank you Brittany for your beautiful design!
I'm so glad we started following each other!

I'm off to run household errands today and maybe toss in a little holiday shopping followed by hockey tonight!


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