Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside Look.

My Knitters Brain is pretty dominant.
I usually go to a yarn store with a specific project in mind. I know the yarn I want. I know the notions I need.

I give myself small pep talks the whole way.

I walk in.
I grab the yarn I want.
The notions I need.
Then I turn around to head to the register and I become mesmerized by color, texture, and possibilities.

Oh the possibilities of a well rounded, well stocked yarn shop.

On the car ride home I give myself comforting talks on how to explain the 3-9 extra skeins that usually end up coming home with me.

I didn't go to a yarn shop last weekend but I did organize my stash a bit. Which is a lot like going to a private yarn shop.

Two partial balls got set aside in my big bowl and I've been eyeballing them all week.

Yes. I know what you're thinking.
Yes. I have had therapy. Not necessarily for this...

Yes, I have four projects in various stages of almost to not-even-close completion.

Yes I have signed on for some secret knitting.

Yes I'm taking a class tomorrow in fair isle knitting and thus casting on another new project.

And yes, I'm casting on a beret with these two colors because my brain won't let me not do it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My heart is heavy tonight...

Our racing group lost a champion today. My heart is heavy with sadness and grief for my friend Nancy who had to say good-bye to her beloved. For the family they had together.

Thoughts, prayers, and love for Nancy and her family in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

You were called home too soon Chad. #12

*photo from Roger H. #76

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Random Pictures

From my trip to visit mom... Sorry if some of these have been repeated.

These little birds were so funny! Their little legs moved so fast. Mom and I couldn't stop laughing at them...

Mom's friends sent her a set of plastic flamingos as a joke. She stuffed them in a closet where I found them, grabbed one and spent the rest of the week moving it around her garden. It's currently between two fountains in the pool. If she wants to get rid of it she either has to go into the pool or maneuver along the ledge and hope she doesn't fall in the pool.
I'm a great daughter.

Morning knitting with coffee

afternoon knitting with something that's not water.

Prime realestate, and I'm not talking about the yellow house.

mid-day knitting

I took two pictures of my husband on our trip. This is the first one.

Knitting a linen and cotton poncho for mom at the beach. Linen and Cotton fibers are perfect hot humid weather knitting because they don't get sticky.

I found this on our morning walk... of course I had to pick it up and bring it home.
I did crack it open. I'm sure it's part of the coconut family but when I hit it just right with the hammer I was doused with about a cup and a half of water inside it.

this tree is weird. The flowers are right up my alley and I think the way they bloom is the hard acorn looking part peels back to reveal the anenome like center... I'll have to study them closer next time, I don't know how long it takes this nut to crack.

We arrived in Florida on Saturday morning. It had been raining for almost a solid 2-3 weeks in Washington.
This was my first sunrise on Sunday morning.

Oh Sun, we had missed you so I almost didn't recognize you.

I took this picture at home but this is what I came home with from A Good Yarn Sarasota.
Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Snapdragon on the left and Lorna's Laces Fingering Weight in A Good Beach, specially dyed for A Good Yarn.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Good Yarn, Sarasota Florida

Remember the movie 'Beaches' with Bette Midler.
*side note, I'm a huge Bette Midler fan
When her friend was dying, Bette went to visit her at a beach house and that beach house was in Sarasota.
From that point on I've wanted to go to Sarasota.
Of course the movie came out 26 years ago... so maybe the dream of going to Sarasota had dwindled but every time Sarasota has been mentioned I think of that movie and the beach house and I think...'I bet Sarasota is perfect'

Fast forward 26 years and in that time I;
still love Bette Midler
Have learned how to knit
Had a mom who moved to Florida.
Moved within 2 hours driving of Sarasota
and look
Sarasota has a yarn shop
according to the hive mind on the American's Knitting Ravelry Group, the yarn store is Fantastic!

It truly is...
If I was in Miami I'd find a way to get there for the day.
The staff are amazingly helpful, and happy, and kind, and you feel like you're walking into a shop that just wants to wrap you up in that happiness...
There was a huge table by the front windows and it was jam packed with a weekly knitting group.
Those ladies were having a rolling good time and if there had been a chair open I would have plopped right down with them.
However, I was distracted by not only the amazing knit samples of projects. The beautiful skeins, balls, hanks, and swatches of yarn were calling my name. Mom's too, I lost her for a bit among the wooly goodness!

The best part of this shop for me though was the knit coral reef.

A whole reef.

I'm definitely going to be knitting some things from this reef.

I'm definitely going to knit some Jellies!
Mom and I both decided that A Good Yarn in Sarasota will become a annual trip for us every time I visit!
If you are in Florida and you are within 3 hours driving of A Good Yarn, do it. You won't be disappointed.

Watch for turtles crossing the highway though.
Seriously I almost hit one and if the speed limit was 70 mph in Florida and people weren't driving 85 I would have stopped and made my mom help me turn little Yoshi around and head him back to the swamp... *he wasn't little he probably weighed about 100lbs)

A Good Yarn
7418 S Tamiami Trail,
Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 487-7914
You can also find a link to the shop here: America's Knitting has a map of all the yarn shops in the US!

A little bit of Churchmouse (Easy Folded Poncho) action going on here


 After you spend a good 2-3 hours shopping, oohing, ahhing, and groping yarn you need to head over to Phillipi Creek Village for lunch. Eat at the place with a huge clam shell photo op in front, order a Landshark Lager and a fried grouper sandwich with fries. Then order another Landshark and enjoy the view of the water, the pelicans, and the possible alligator sighting.

Finished Object: Linden Mitts & a Mini-Rant

I think it's possible
that I have finally have all my ducks lined up

better move fast
ducks don't stay lined up for long

Here is Part 1 of like a gazillion posts to tell you about the past two weeks.

The Finished Linden Mitts:

I joined the Jane Richmond Linden Mitts KAL
It was perfect.
The pattern was perfect
I had the yarn called for in the pattern.
I have been wanting to knit and own fingering weight mitts for a while.
I think Jane Richmond is perfect. Her patterns are classic and beautiful in their simplicity. Fun to knit in her little details.

The pattern calls for Felici Fingering or Sport by Knit Picks... Unfortunately Knit Picks has discontinued the Felici line, not quite sure why. Everyone loves it... but I digress. Knit Picks and their discontinuing of my favorite yarns will have to be for another post, because I am hot about it.

Back to the Mitts.
I love them.
I may never wear them because I love looking at them so much.
The colorway is Minty. It's perfection.

Once again let me express my irritation with KP for discontinuing yet another of my favorites from their yarn line.

Okay... So here are the Deets
Pattern: Linden Mitts
Designer Extraordinairre: Jane Richmond
Yarn Required: Fingering or Sport

I chose fingering, 1 ball of felici self striping in Minty

Needle size: 2

Took me two weeks, which was the entire lenght of the KAL
my second thumb is a little bit long but who cares. I'm just going to hold them and touch them anyway...

Wanna see them?
Of course you do.
You'll love them too...

Stupid Knit Picks...
How could you discontinue this beautiful colorway!

Tomorrow: My visit to A Good Yarn, Sarasota Florida and why everyone should go!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

catching up

We're home... I have a ton to catch up on with all of you and I'll do it toot-sweet 
probably Saturday morning when I'm not running around like a hurricane catching up at home, at work, on sleep, and cuddles with the dogs...

Things I have to tell you involve:

1. A trip to A Good Yarn in Sarasota
2. A finished Object
3. New objects on needles
4. Visit with mama
5. The trip home to Seattle from Fort Myers
6. Upcoming events for America's Knitting

for now, here are a couple sneak peeks

Friday, March 28, 2014


SallyCat lives in beautiful Naples, Florida.
Specifically, Sally came with the house my mom and her husband bought.
Since the new owners, mom & G, took over things have gotten better for SallyCat.

Regular feedings. Morning and Evening
Fresh salmon is served often.
A soft bed for the front porch.
A trip to the vet, where it was discovered that SallyCat is not a pretty girl but a handsome boy.

I'm sure the fact that we keep referring to her/him as a pretty girl isn't confusing.

Oh, and SallyCat is now allowed in the house. She/he prefers the white room. I believes she/he finds it soothing.

All in all I think SallyCat has found herself/himself a first rate B&B...

Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's where I'll be for the rest of the week!
It's a good thing

it's this thing called vacation.
I believe there will be warm ocean breezes
White sand beaches
and sun so warm you'll forget that things like rain, sleet, snow, and ice ever existed.
Fresh Seafood so delicious it's almost sweet.
Bike rides and walks

and most importantly...

I get to see my mom every day for a solid week so I'm going to just soak her up to carry me through all the times I'm not near her!

Happy Sunday!!

p.s. I finished my Linden Mitts and they are fantastic, however it's not logical to model them in a tropical place without my hands breaking out in heat rash...

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I don't know what karmic cosmic angels were flitting around today but they led me to the coffee aisle at the grocery store.

More specifically it led me to the international moments.

Which led me to thoughts of my grandmother.

I loved her.
I knew deep in my bones that she loved me.

Grandma loved her International Moments coffees.
Just smelling them.
Holding the tin (though it's different now)
Brings back memories of being with my grandma.

She said these were her special treat and she'd make one for me to.

Grandma made the best fresh blackberry pie.
I know they were fresh because when she came to visit us in Bellevue she'd make us help her pick blackberries.

She was the master of Christmas cookies, chocolate chip cookies and raspberry freezer jam.

I make freezer jam from time to time and it reminds me of summer visits to Boise. Helping grandma in her garden, making sun tea, and smelling her roses.

Sometimes, I buy a tin of International Coffees Cafe Vienna and remember those evenings when grandma would put the kettle on and make us her special treat.

I think about her everyday.

'Don't grow old' - Juanita Jarvis

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