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Stitches, so many stitches

NOTE: This post is out of order from one posted earlier today.

So I knit one more Boston Flip.
It's the current KAL For America's Knitting for the month of March. 
I have to say it again. If you are new to Fair-Isle knitting and want to get used to colorwork I highly recommend this pattern.
The repeat is easy.
You don't have to worry too much about securing your floats*
It's super cute on any head you slap it onto.

Now onto my latest and greatest Fair-Isle project.
It feels like a doozy.
It's Dollheid
I have wanted to knit this tam for quite a while.
My 2018 Fair-Isle challenge seemed like a perfect excuse.
More to the point I have wanted to knit Paper Dolls  long before I even knew how to knit Fair-Isle.
However, the idea of a fingering weight stranded yoke pullover has been a little intimidating.

The good news though is the more I knit these Fair-isle hats the more confident I am getting that a yoked pullover will be a breeze. Plus I'm going to knit it f…

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