Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Honor

If National Dog Day... My babies thru the years. In the top left is our first Boxer Girl Bailey. She's the reason I love Boxers today.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Season

Growing up my grandparents would come visit us in the summer.

Usually when blackberries were in season.

Mom would head off to work and Grandma would wrangle us together we'd head off to pick blackberries.

I remember seeing her climb a slope and diving into a blackberry thicket giddy as a school girl.

We'd pick bucketfuls of fat ripe berries.
Suffer pricked fingers, torn clothes, and thorn gashes of which I still have a few scars to this day.

She'd freeze them.
Make freezer jam.
Best of all though...

She'd make blackberry pie.

As much as I hate picking blackberries to this day, something inside me said, 'get your ass out there and pick some berries for your grandma'

Not nearly enough for a pie.
Definitely enough for my breakfast bowl tomorrow and maybe a couple sneaky handfuls for me and the dogs.

The heat, the smell of fresh berries, the bleeding fingertip, are totally worth it.

It reminds me of my grandma.
And I loved her so very much.

Happy Sunday

Friday, August 14, 2015

Married Life

D won a helmet, years and years ago.
Way before I knew him.
It's a helmet that demands to be worn. 


It's a great helmet.
I like to slap it on my head and then sneak up on D.
It makes him laugh.
It makes me laugh, which makes the sneaking harder.
I've pulled into the driveway and see D open the garage door standing there wearing the helmet and I giggle uncontrollably in the car.

Want to guarantee a smile? Put this helmet on and wiggle your eyebrows. It's a laugh-fest. 

My neighbors have all seen me running around the outside of our house wearing this looking for D. 

This helmet is a winner.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dear Neon Beast,

Where do I begin?
I remember the minute I saw you after Veera Valimaki posted the pattern.
I was in love.
How could I not be?
Stripes, clever short row shaping, big bold blocks of color.
Not to mention neon. 

I knew immediately that I had to make you.
I had to make you asap.
I knew what yarn I needed.
Nothing would do but to make you in the Purl Soho Line Weight Merino in Super Pink, Yellow Yellow and Oyster.

Mom traveled to New York.
I begged (not very hard) her to go and buy the yarn for me at the Purl Soho shop.
A week later it arrived.
I didn't start you right away.
I couldn't you see, I had a few other things on the needles, a two week vacation to Hawaii on the horizon that needed packing, and two dogs that needed to get booked into a kennel.

When we got home though, I wound up all three beautiful skeins, packed you in my weekend bag and off we went for a weekend in Leavenworth where I finally cast you on.

We worked well together thru the fall.

We went to Langley together to the knitting retreat.

Lots of people touched you.
Said how beautiful you were.
You are beautiful. You are soft. You have just a hint of a halo.

You are perfection.

I can't really explain what happened after that.
The holiday's most likely.
You got set aside, zipped up in your own little bag and tucked away.
I could see you, over there in the project bowl.
Patiently waiting for me to come back to you, maybe sending out little vibes of guilt.
'Why would you set me aside? We're so close to being done'

Then the MochiMochi Snowman Garland happened.
More projects happened.
Yet there you sat. Patiently.
Getting shoved aside as I looked for something I needed for another project.

You suffered the injustice of having to giving up your needles so I could use them on another project.
Which is beautiful as well.
The two of you will look wonderful this fall, winter, next spring.

I finished the project that I stole your needles for and have been restless for another project.
I've cast one a dozen things,
Picked up a dozen things that are in the works. and knit a bit on them.
I just felt nothing.

Then yesterday I saw you from across the room, waiting for me, in the project bowl.
I reclaimed your needles from the finished project.
Screwed them back on.
Told the dogs their dinner would have to wait. 
Figured out where we had left off and went to work.

grumpy dog obviously starving to death

Nothing but joy and happiness and the desire to knit on you thru the night.
Just the two of us.
Happily moving along towards the finish line.

You were so good.
So patient.

I'm sorry I abandoned you for so long.


Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Summer Summer Summer Time...

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.
It wasn't until the summer I turned 16 that we moved to Minnesota.


One of the biggest things that happens in Seattle in the summer is SeaFair.
SeaFair has events all summer long culminating with the TorchLight Parade, the arrival of the US Navy Blue Angels and Hydroplane races on Lake Washington.

The past two years we've been taking 'Girlfriend' out on the water to watch the air show practice that includes; Marine helicopters, F22 Fighter Jets, the Thunderbirds, Big Bertha, and the Blue Angels, and a handful of other stunt planes flying all around.


Long hot days.
Jets roaring overhead.
Fantastic floats for lounging on the water.
Top Gun soundtrack queued up for the big show.
Boats everywhere. More boats than you'll ever see in one place on Lake Washington.

F22 & WWII Fighter Plane together

This happens the first weekend of August every year.
The Blue Angels arrival with Big Bertha their support plane is exciting as the circle Seattle letting us know they've arrived.
Practice begins on Thursday and continues on Friday and Saturday, with the main show happening on Sunday.
Big Bertha, the support plan, flies out before the Blue Angels arrive.
After Big Bertha does her bit, it gets quiet, people are watching. They know the Blue Angels are coming. Then you see them above the tree line heading towards downtown Seattle. They buzz the city and you lose them further up the lake. Then you spot them again, now they are across the lake flying over Bellevue in formation. 
Then right above Mercer Island you see them coming down towards you... 
My hand at this point is twitching above the play list wanting to time it just right. 
As soon as we see the smoke releasing I hit play and right when the opening notes of the anthem hit their peak all you hear is jet roaring over I-90. 

Seriously the best.
Queue up Top Gun Anthem as the Blue Angels roar over the I-90 bridge deck


 This isn't the end of summer but it's definitely the highlight of summer. Especially for those of us who grew up watching the Hydros and Blue Angels. 

I took over 600 pictures just on Friday. I still haven't gone thru all of them so be prepared you may wake up one morning to a blog full of fighter jets with no explanation... 
Happy Wednesday 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Glutton for Punishment?

Because I just finished a Floras cap that has more seed stitch than you can shake a DPN at and I cast on for another last night?

Or maybe it's because the last 3 projects I've cast on with this particular skein have been ripped out?

Or because as much as I hate knitting seed stitch I can stop knitting it or touching it.

Tactile much?

Project: Floras Cap by Churchmouse Yarn & Tea.

Friday, July 24, 2015


I've made yet another knitting error.
Not quite as grievous as the non-superwash blanket yarn error but grievous none-the-less.

I started knitting Flora's Cap by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea probably back in February or early March.

I cast on the hat.
It's in seed stitch, I should mention that because I'm doing a lot of seed stitch lately and it's a time, yarn, and soul sucking stitch if you're not into it.

I'm into it right now but when it goes out of favor with me, just wait for the post on that.

So I'm knitting and seeding, and petting the yarn and I'm cruising right along.

As fast as someone knitting a fingering weight hat on size 3 circulars cruises in soul-sucking seed stitch, which I'm loving right now.

I finally hit that magic number of 6 inches and I can place my markers for the decreases.

Except I've made a mistake somewhere.

Like at the very begininng of the project

When I took my lovely skein of Seahawk Yarn and my lovely size 2 circulars to the Irish Pub.
I ordered a Harp Lager, had a few pulls, and cast on 119 stitches.

Except I didn't cast on 119 stitches.
I cast on 129 stitches.

I recognized my mistake 6 inches and four months later.
I remedied it like any knitter would.

I decreased those 10 extra stitches like a champ.
Slugged back my Indian Wells Chardonnay and kept on knitting.

It's fortunate for me that I;
a. have a lot of hair
b. have a large nugget that houses miscounted stitched hats well.

I'll just keep telling myself that, every time I seed stitch and K3Tog around.

Seed Stitch, you and I are done for a while after this... just saying 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I'm on the second to last section of Bohemian Shawl!
It's my favorite by far to knit.

Oh and a bonus photo of Mr. Brown.

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

the post without a title...

I couldn't for the life of me think of a title.
Nothing witty made sense.
Nothing made sense actually.
It's not like this is a super involved post.
It's not even life changing.

It's just a quick project update.
Nothing fancy here folks.

Still, I couldn't come up with a title.

When we were in Pacific Grove and I went to Monarch Knitting once or twice five times. I picked up some Madelinetosh yarn and knew instantly what I was going to make with it.


I love it when it all comes together like that.
You see the yarn.
You love the yarn.
You start combing thru your nugget about what pattern you have that would be great with the yarn.


You can feel the tingle of excitement as you frantically try logging into your Ravelry account on your phone, cursing yourself for your extensive five number-three letter-some caps- conglomeration password, and you're in, you hit your favorites list, and there it is... you can hear the angels singing. 


You snatch the yarn up, plus a couple extra just in case.
The lovely yarn shop peeps wind it up for you.
You buy yet another size 6 circular needle even though you have a dozen at home, but you're not at home, you're in vacationland and you didn't bring your uber organized trunk of circulars with you, and you have to are going to start this magical moment of yarn and pattern coming together as soon as you can sit your arse in a chair and cast on.

That's exactly what I did.

Never mind that I had started three other projects the exact same way, on the exact same trip.

This was a big BAM of yarn and pattern melding together to perfection.

And, as I knit along I realize how spot on it was, and how it just keeps getting better.

I'm in love with it in a way that one probably shouldn't talk about.
I touch it a lot.
I carry it with me a lot.
It's possible that I fell asleep one night with it on my *bed and my hand deep inside the knitting bag.

Oh Bohemian Shawl. You clever little knit. The colors I chose are so perfect for your design and your design is just brilliant. Simple yet interesting. showcases the yarn and gives a texture that appeals to the more tactile side of my world.

I can't wait till it's finished. (I'm about halfway)

Lucky for me I have a long car ride this weekend and we are going to bond quite well over the mountains and thru the woods.

Pattern: Bohemian Shawl 
I recommend you all go download it immediately. Simply because.
Oh and it's free until September 1, 2015. After that you can purchase it for $5.00

*I'm not allowed to fall asleep with my knitting on the bed ever since D woke up and found a couple dpn's on his side of the bed and one on the pillow dangerously close to my eye.

Safety never takes a day off. 

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