Friday, July 24, 2015


I've made yet another knitting error.
Not quite as grievous as the non-superwash blanket yarn error but grievous none-the-less.

I started knitting Flora's Cap by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea probably back in February or early March.

I cast on the hat.
It's in seed stitch, I should mention that because I'm doing a lot of seed stitch lately and it's a time, yarn, and soul sucking stitch if you're not into it.

I'm into it right now but when it goes out of favor with me, just wait for the post on that.

So I'm knitting and seeding, and petting the yarn and I'm cruising right along.

As fast as someone knitting a fingering weight hat on size 3 circulars cruises in soul-sucking seed stitch, which I'm loving right now.

I finally hit that magic number of 6 inches and I can place my markers for the decreases.

Except I've made a mistake somewhere.

Like at the very begininng of the project

When I took my lovely skein of Seahawk Yarn and my lovely size 2 circulars to the Irish Pub.
I ordered a Harp Lager, had a few pulls, and cast on 119 stitches.

Except I didn't cast on 119 stitches.
I cast on 129 stitches.

I recognized my mistake 6 inches and four months later.
I remedied it like any knitter would.

I decreased those 10 extra stitches like a champ.
Slugged back my Indian Wells Chardonnay and kept on knitting.

It's fortunate for me that I;
a. have a lot of hair
b. have a large nugget that houses miscounted stitched hats well.

I'll just keep telling myself that, every time I seed stitch and K3Tog around.

Seed Stitch, you and I are done for a while after this... just saying 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I'm on the second to last section of Bohemian Shawl!
It's my favorite by far to knit.

Oh and a bonus photo of Mr. Brown.

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

the post without a title...

I couldn't for the life of me think of a title.
Nothing witty made sense.
Nothing made sense actually.
It's not like this is a super involved post.
It's not even life changing.

It's just a quick project update.
Nothing fancy here folks.

Still, I couldn't come up with a title.

When we were in Pacific Grove and I went to Monarch Knitting once or twice five times. I picked up some Madelinetosh yarn and knew instantly what I was going to make with it.


I love it when it all comes together like that.
You see the yarn.
You love the yarn.
You start combing thru your nugget about what pattern you have that would be great with the yarn.


You can feel the tingle of excitement as you frantically try logging into your Ravelry account on your phone, cursing yourself for your extensive five number-three letter-some caps- conglomeration password, and you're in, you hit your favorites list, and there it is... you can hear the angels singing. 


You snatch the yarn up, plus a couple extra just in case.
The lovely yarn shop peeps wind it up for you.
You buy yet another size 6 circular needle even though you have a dozen at home, but you're not at home, you're in vacationland and you didn't bring your uber organized trunk of circulars with you, and you have to are going to start this magical moment of yarn and pattern coming together as soon as you can sit your arse in a chair and cast on.

That's exactly what I did.

Never mind that I had started three other projects the exact same way, on the exact same trip.

This was a big BAM of yarn and pattern melding together to perfection.

And, as I knit along I realize how spot on it was, and how it just keeps getting better.

I'm in love with it in a way that one probably shouldn't talk about.
I touch it a lot.
I carry it with me a lot.
It's possible that I fell asleep one night with it on my *bed and my hand deep inside the knitting bag.

Oh Bohemian Shawl. You clever little knit. The colors I chose are so perfect for your design and your design is just brilliant. Simple yet interesting. showcases the yarn and gives a texture that appeals to the more tactile side of my world.

I can't wait till it's finished. (I'm about halfway)

Lucky for me I have a long car ride this weekend and we are going to bond quite well over the mountains and thru the woods.

Pattern: Bohemian Shawl 
I recommend you all go download it immediately. Simply because.
Oh and it's free until September 1, 2015. After that you can purchase it for $5.00

*I'm not allowed to fall asleep with my knitting on the bed ever since D woke up and found a couple dpn's on his side of the bed and one on the pillow dangerously close to my eye.

Safety never takes a day off. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Birthday Girl

Today is Gabby Girl's 11th birthday.
Honestly, we didn't think she's be alive for her 9th birthday so this is huge.

We rescued her when she was eight months old and D instantly became her favorite.
However, if she needs something done, I'm the one she comes too.
Have to go outside? She comes to me.
Want a treat? Me
Time to eat? Wake up the lady.

Love, affection, football and tv... it's all D all the time.

She loves her balls, and stuffed babies.
Big Baby Hippo is her favorite.
If you are sitting, you are obviously free to play with her and her babies.

If the sun is out, she's out, as well as all her babies.
Mr. Brown doing something wrong? No worries, she's a master tattler. She will sell him out in a heartbeat.

Scold her and she'll break your heart with the puppy eyes and hanging head.
Scold Mr. Brown, she wags her tail.
Scold D and she sits next to him shooting me dirty looks.

She ate a nylon at age 1.
She ate a gazillion cherries that same year and to this day won't touch them. Ask me the cherry story sometime.
She's split her noggin,
Tore both acl's playing football.
broken a toe or two. 
Beer makes her sneeze.
She will not budge if you have popcorn unless you are throwing it to her by the handful. I've seen her wake from a dead sleep when she smelled D. making popcorn.
She taught D how to play fetch with her. 
She loves to ride in the car with her head out the window.
She's the sweetest, smartest little boxer we've had and we're so lucky to have her in our lives for so many years.

enjoy your day at Lillian's sweet thing. We'll have cake and cheeseburgers next week when you come home!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

The Deuce

I couldn't wait.
As soon as I pulled this photo from the big camera I had to share it with you.

This photo pretty much sums up summer in the Pacific Northwest for me...

The Buck-Bucks

I'm a full fledged chicken sitter.
Things I know the chickens like:
Chicken crack
Cracked Corn
Literally, they went all Lord of the Flies on me last week while I was practically laying on the ground trying to rehang their water bucket. Running over me, pecking at me, running in and out of the coop, which wasn't easy because I was halfway in it...

Ahh buck-bucks... I do like you.
I love how you come running to me when I come to the fence.
I love hearing you call to me across the street.
I love the fresh eggs you give me.
I'm sorry D ate your watermelon.
See you soon!

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Visit to Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove

This post has been a long two weeks coming. 
My love for Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove California is no secret. 
It's a yarn shop that sings to my knitterly soul. 
It's open, airy, and full of beautiful natural light so you can see the true colors of the yarns. 

Don't get me started on the yarns. 


Twist my arm. 

 Their yarn selection is HUGE people.
They literally have something for every knitters taste and budget. 
Not to mention pattern ideas for all of it. 

I think you all know, I hit that basket of Madelinetosh hard. 
Hard I tell you. 
I raided it at least twice, maybe four times. 
Okay five. 
My current shawl project is utilizing that skein of vibrant blue in the front and another skein that I ferreted out like little gopher.

What makes Monarch the best though are the women who work there and Anne the owner. 
They are friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the store and the knitting world. 
They are the happiest people I've ever met. 
Then again, look where they get to spend their days.

 On our vacation in PG I must have been in the store at least five times. They were literally two blocks up and two blocks over from the sweet Little Adobe we were staying in. 
Definitely dangerous proximity for me. 
Between my mom and I, we bought so much yarn that it filled the top half of my suitcase. 

 I bought yarn to start four projects and I started three while I was there. 
I think I touched every single thing in the store. 

How sweet is this? Wee Liesl by Ysolda knit up in Liberty Wool. 
I need to make this for a friend of mine who is having a baby girl this fall. 
Oooh and lucky me, I have a gift certificate to Monarch. 
Anne I'll be calling to make some purchases. 

Not only is the selection amazing 
The store beautiful. 
Their displays and layout are what really make me happy. 
I love a well laid out shop. 

I travel to three places pretty consistently and try to visit as many yarn shops as I can each time I visit. 
I have my LYS in Seattle with So Much Yarn. 
My LYS when I visit my mom in Florida is A Good Yarn Sarasota. A two hour drive from mom's place. 
My LYS in Minnesota is Knitting by the Lake in Excelsior. 
When I travel to the Monterey Penninsula my LYS is 
Monarch Knitting. 

If you are in the area you must stop in at the shop. 

Tell them Carmel sent you. 

I would never steer you wrong. 
Thank you again to Anne, Jenn, and all the ladies at the shop. I love seeing you all every year. I can't wait to return next June.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Gut Drop:

That feeling you get when you realize you may have potentially made an epic failure.
It could be just a rookie mistake but when combined with another possible mistake it becomes epic.

I'm a competent knitter.
I'm well schooled in calculating necessary yardage down to the last inch.
I'm a savvy online shopper.
I sometimes play it fast and loose with pattern reading.

I've never ever done anything like this though.

I'm knitting a baby blanket.
It's beautiful and bright and cheerful.
It's all things a baby blanket for a little girl should be.
It has varied texture for little fingers to touch and love.

Saturday night I got a niggling feeling that I had quite possibly miscalculated the necessary yardage needed for the contrast colors.

In fact I'm sure I did.

Not a huge deal. You can always buy another skein and no one will know but you. 

So I log in to my shopping account, look at my order to figure out exactly what colors I ordered so I can order one skein more each of the contrast colors.

First Clue I had done something wrong:
None of the colors I ordered were listed, which means they are probably out of stock.

Well that's horrifying but I can order more of the main color and just make bigger sections of pink right?

Uh-Huh. Let the delusion build a bit higher so the cliff drop is even fantastical.

I go back to my order and review some more and notice that there is a very important word missing from the yarn I ordered.



Could it possibly be?

So I go to the same wool in the non-superwash colors and BAM all the colors I bought are in stock in shocking amounts.

The sinking feeling gets worse.
The granola I ate just turned to a rock solid boulder in my stomach.

Could it be that I was so enamored by the colors I chose that I completely failed to realize and bought yarn for a baby blanket that WASN'T SUPERWASH WOOL?

I won't know for sure till I get home and check my labels but right now the odds are not in my favor.

I'm just going to take a moment here to rock in the corner...

Epic. F%&#ing. Failure.


Horrified Knitter Out.

Image found on Google Images.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In Human Years...

Dear Mr. Brown, 

Today you turn 13 years old. 
In human years that makes you 91. 
Tonight we'll have cake, champagne and a regular hootenanny. 

You don't hear well anymore.
Sometimes you get confused with where you are, who you are, and who are those two weirdos standing in the kitchen?...

I like to remind you every day 'I'm your mommy and this is where you live' and you give me a little wag.

It's okay. 
You're an old man. 

You still have your playful crazy spirit. 
Your love of food knows no bounds as proven by the three bags of hamburger buns you ate last July. 

Three. Whole. Bags. 

Bag included. 

You still bite my fingers in the morning going down the hall to breakfast. 
You still cuddle with me in bed before D kicks you out. 

You hate having your picture taken. 
You love sneaking slurps of D's whiskey. 
You're like a bull in a china shop when you run thru the house. 

You're my Mr. Brown 

Happy Birthday Quintus. 

 we love you

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