Friday, April 03, 2015

The Blog...

I just realized it's been since February 13th since I've posted.
I know I've been busy.
I also know that I have felt like I don't have much to say, or maybe I'm saying it somewhere else and by the time I get here I'm at a loss.

Well, lets see where this takes me...

I just spent a glorious week with my younger brothers family.
Family I see maybe once or twice a year. So it really sucks when the visits are over.
They left today and it makes me sad to say goodbye.
I loved every minute I had with Bump and Baby G.
We all met up in Florida at mom's winter house and had a blast.
We spent the day at the beach
We played in mom's pool
We went to the zoo and fed the giraffes.
Covered a lot of territory in 3 days.
D and I fly home tomorrow.

Mom caught a bit of a virus so she's laying low,
D is driving my stepfather to pick something up so I sit here alone.
Sad that my nephews are on their way home and not riding up and down granny's elevator with me,
it's possible that i've poured myself a large & fabulous glass of white wine from mom's wine fridge... Day drinking is what makes vacations feel real. :)

I have a lot of knits to catch you up on and I think I'll do that tomorrow between here and Seattle... We have a lengthy layover in Houston so I know I'll have some time...

I"m going to go pour myself some more wine and soak up some sun before heading back to reality...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Finished Object: A Birthday Present

Technically the birthday is passed. It was the first of the month and while the gift itself wasn't complete I did send a beautiful photo of it still on the needles and it was well received.

Then I knit like the wind to finish it.

Hauling it with me every where to work on.

This blanket has been to:

Portland and back on the train
Four hockey games
Three bars
And to my office every day for the past two weeks.

It's done.
I bound it off yesterday at lunch.
I wove in all the tails yesterday.
I even took it for a test drive yesterday afternoon.
It's the best little throw ever.

Mom is going to love it.

Pattern Details:

Addison by Classic Elite. You can find the pattern here
It was a freebie in their weekly email.

Yarn: Kuma by Queensland. It's a superbulky acrylic and wool blend

Needles: Size 13

It's beautiful in it's simplicity.

Monday, February 02, 2015


Did it just literally fly by for all of you?
New Years
Ground Hogs Day just landed.

I had a ridiculously productive knitting month.
I suppose it helped that I was running a KAL for America's Knitting. We had a KAL of all Tin Can Knits patterns.
It was a blast.
I knit hats for my younger brother and his two boys.
Socks for myself.
A cup cozy that I handed off to a friend
A teeny tiny hat for a new baby.

Then... a friend asked me to knit her a hat in her sons school colors to wear when she watches his first opening baseball series. So a red white and blue hat flew off the needles.

Then a blue, white, variegated, green hat flew off the needles in the same pattern.

Lumberjack Socks by Tin Can Knits. Yarn: Blue Moon Socks that Rock in Mossay and Psychobarbie heavyweight

MainStreet by Tin Can Knits

Barley by Tin can Knits. Yarn: Purl Soho Merino Twist in Yellow Yellow

Baby Barley in Cascade 220 Superwash Paint

Antler by Tin Can Knits in Cascade 220 Superwash

Gather by Tin Can Knits. Yarn: Fancy Image Superwash Merino in Seahawk Colorway


Varia by Alex Tinsley in Ole Miss Colors

Varia in Seahawk Colors 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Then & Now

Gabby's 1st birthday and Mr. Browns 3rd Birthday

Taken this summer after Gabby turned 10 and Mr. Brown turned 12.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Barley & Antler: Finished Objects

just reading a pattern when this grotty pumpkin came rolling across my keyboard... 
Back in September I believe, I text my brother to see what color hat I should make Bump for the new winter season.


Bright yellow, so it will be easy to spot him on the playground.
top hat: Cascade 220 Superwash Paints. Bottom Hat: Purl Soho Worsted Twist in Yellow Yellow

This coincided nicely with my mom's jaunt to New York City.
I dashed off a list and directions for her to Purl Soho.
Two weeks later a gorgeous skein of Purl Soho Worsted Twist in Yellow Yellow arrived.

Fast forward a few months.
knitting retreat
Christmas in Florida
January 1st was the start of America's Knitting new Knit-A-Long. We are doing all patterns from Tin Can Knits for one month.

Barley was an obvious choice for this yellow yellow yarn. It turned out perfect with plenty left over for a huge pompom on top. It's perfect. It covers his ears to keep him warm and that pom pom is a beacon for mom and dad to spy him quickly running around the playground.

I made another Barley for Baby G.

Then I made an Antler for their dad.  So he to can be warm on the playground...
Antler Hat: Made in Cascade 220 Superwash in Navy.
Antler was super fun to make. Easy cable repeat to make and you can wear it slouchy or fold the brim and have a fitted toque.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year New Me New blah blah blah

I gave up resolutions years ago.
Too much pressure for a girl who's whims change almost hourly some days.
Instead I try to challenge myself to new things. That way if they aren't for me I can nix them instead of beating myself up for sleeping an extra hour and not hauling my arse out of bed to do meditation and sun salutations.

If I'm asleep, isn't that a pretty good sign of excellent meditation?
Maybe not to the masters but it's restorative enough for me.

So back to challenges and trying new things.

This year I have decided to throw down and really challenge myself to something huge.

In my mind it's huge.

For some of you it will probably seem like a walk in the park.

For me it feels like a walk in the park, with a cat on a leash who does not want to be on the leash so it lays flat on the ground, and a pack of rabid dogs showing up.

If that clue wasn't enough for you to guess what I'm talking about I'll tell you...

Circular Shawls.


Knit from the middle out.
A vast vortex of lace and stitch counts, charts at weird angles and then the idea of blocking it at the end...

But I love the look of them.
I think I'm a competent enough knitter to pull it off.
So my challenge to myself this year is to knit a circular shawl.

Of course I'm not going completely off the deep end of the knitters ledge and doing a lace weight cacophony of doily lace stitches with a wave picot edge.

I chose a pattern that calls for worsted weight and will work as a throw on the back of my couch...

I'm giving myself a year to do it in.
I've chosen the yarn, I just need to order it.
I have the needles although by the time I reach the final round I'll need a 100" cable for my interchangeables.

Probably a slug of vodka as well to ease into the bind off...

I'm going to knit Tree Rings by Andrea Ragnel

I'm going to use Cascade 220 in VanDyke Brown.

I've admired this one since it was released in 2013.

Stay tuned.

Happy New Year.

Americas Knitting is starting a new knit-a-long today!
It goes for one month.
We are knitting patterns of our own choosing from the Tin Can Knits vast collection of patterns.
Come and join us!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

my year in knits...

These are the ones I documented on Ravelry. There are many that I didn't get posted...
these aren't in any particular order.

Kiss 2014 good bye and welcome in 2015.
May it bring you happiness
New Wool

Happy New Year.
We'll talk more in 2015.

The very best part of 2014. Baby G arrived in May.

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