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A Hat, Fresh Yarn, and a Yarn Crawl or Two

We're pretty lucky in the Pacific Northwest.
Not only do we have an abundance of yarn shops.
We have three yarn crawls alone (that I am aware of) in Washington.
The PNW Yarn Crawl does a Spring and Fall event
Then there is the annual LYS Tour which is happening this week.*

The PNW Yarn Crawl covers a smaller number of stores. Which I love because it's totally doable in one day if you are willing to put in the drive.This is best done with company.

The LYS Tour covers a lot of ground and a lot of shops and honestly I believe takes at least three days as it not only involves some serious mileage but you have ferry crossings to negotiate.

Mary and I did the PNW Crawl on May 4.
I caught the 7:00 a.m. Ferry to Kingston and we hit the road.
Hit all the shops.
Had lunch in Chehalis.
Finished the day in Allyn at Allyn Knitting and Spinning Supply where my friend Myra had a pop up shop of all her hand-dyed yarn. This is what I was holding out for, I wanted to buy more of Myra's yar…

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