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We've had more like SNOW DAYS! 
Monday though was the day I stayed home because of the snow. 

We knit finished my Twistmas Hat for my January KAL and I attached the most beautiful pompom. 

We snuggled on the couch. 

We made homemade tomato soup. 
We made a really sad loaf of bread that still tastes good just looks ridiculous. 
We played in the snow! Theo enjoys eating it. Phoebe enjoys racing around like a demon in it. 

We watched the West Wing on Netflix.  I really like watching the West Wing when it's an election year.  The show really breaks down how the government processes work.  Whatever party you swing towards I highly recommend binging all 6 seasons. 
Then Dale came home. :) 
Tuesday was snowy but my roads to and from work were great. 
Wednesday coming to work was great.  Coming home was a nightmare.  Literally was like driving into a blizzard.  The streets of Mukilteo were snow covered ice rinks.  When I got to the bottom of my little hill ready to make the turn into…
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The Adventures of Fred the Squirrel, Dino the Dinosaur and Friends

I'm running two Knit A-Longs this year for the America's Knitting Ravelry group.
One is designer focused.- January is focused on patterns designed by Espace Tricot
The other is toy focused.
January's toy focus is Mochimochi Land Toys by Anna Hrachovec.

So Saturday I knit a bowling ball and pin, Koala, and a Dragon. (the purple one is new and has been adopted by a friend) The little Black Heart Dragon I made a month or so ago. He loves Box Cat.

Sunday morning I did A Cat in a Box

Followed by a football for D.

Then I knit a Squirrel.
The cutest little squirrl you'll ever see.
So tiny and sweet with a big squishy tail.
He loves our nut bowl. It feels like home.

Then he needed a friend for adventures so I knit a tiny dinosaur from her book Teeny Tiny MochiMochi.

This is where the adventure begins.

I should have never played with Theo with them.
It was just too damn cute to stop though.

Then it was time for bed.
Monday morning I woke up and I couldn't find them.

Welcome to 2020

Is it just me or did the last months of 2019 whip out of here like a birds heading south?

Maybe it's just me.



Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
I should point out the day after Christmas all my decorations came down. 


Then financial year end, New Years Eve.

Now it's just a normal Friday.

So I know I said a couple blog posts ago that I was going to have some big news after Thanksgiving.
I didn't post right away because I need to process all of it.

All of you know I was adopted as a newborn by my parents who picked me up and took me home to Washington State.

I was born in Basin Wyoming May 1974.

I have always been curious about my biological parents but never pursued it.
Then a couple years ago I did a 23 & me dna test.

Nothing really hit close to me. Not that I knew.
I mean what good is a dna test if you can't identify where the relatives come from because you don't know them.

So I did another one this past summer. My Heritage DNA an…

Somewhere in Kauai

Two inches tall  Pointy red hat  Seahawk Sweater Brown Pants  Enjoys beer and pool parties I know I know. I should have posted this a year ago but I kept hoping he would find his way home.
However I have learned that Gnomes can not be trusted.


I can't blame him. If I could have I would have stayed in Kauai also.
We could have lived the rest of our days quite happily sunning on the beach, drinking Primo beer by the pool, chasing wild chickens and learning how to surf.

I don't know when he made his move and escaped my trusty pocket but I know it happened before we moved on to Poipu in south Kauai.

I know I had him in my bag when we checked out of our Waipouli condo but he never arrived with us at the Plantation in Poipu.

As I mentioned before, he likes beer.

He loved the Seahawks game we took him too before we flew to the islands.

It's possible one of the wild chickens took him I suppose.

He was always trying to catch one.

We took him four wheeling and …