DPN's prepare to KNIT!

Here is Marcy's ball of Monarch
Here is mine , above, all wound, below still in it's natural state of a hank.....

We are ready, Marcy and I to begin the Nasturtium socks. I wound mine up before I met my husband for lunch....I'm itching to get started.....I've read through the pattern and it looks like they are knit on 2 circular needles vs the traditional double point needles. No worry, it's easy to convert the pattern, especially with Marcy there to help me....
I know that it's good to make yourself wait for something that you want to do but ........
I am looking forward to this and as I promised I'll post status pictures of both our socks as we work on them...also I'll find out the name of her colorway in case anyone wants to order some of their own!
Let the knitting begin...(tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. that it....)


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