Progress....with a touch of finishing....

I am done with the Stose Socklettes and they will be in her hot little hands Tuesday when we are due to get back to the office. I am amused that they fit in the little box that a bracelet I was given came in.

I am slowly making progress on the office. I have 12 shelves cleaned and arranged into some sense of order, of course they will be rearranged many more times before it's done. I have found many books that I will probably take to Half Price Books, others that I'll move to the living room or into the guest bedroom/husbands office. Once the knitting room/office is set up and complete I will post those pictures.

It's a sunny day here finally. Our city was encased in fog for the past three days, thick enough that I couldn't see my neighbors across the street, nor any stop lights till I was right up on them so it made driving exciting.

The weather today makes me itchy to get on my bicycle but even though it's sunny it's a bit cold and my winter riding gear is pretty much a hodgepodge of stuff not really meant for 'riding' the way my husband and prefer. While a knit hat, mittens and scarf would be perfert for riding around town in, the last time I rode with a scarf around my neck it almost got wrapped in the rear wheel and choked me, so I'll have to start looking around for more wind-proof materials.

Speaking of riding, my family is planning on coming out to do the Seattle to Portland ride with my husband and I this year. I am very excited about that. 206 miles in 2 days. Over 9000 people typlically do it and there is a huge party in Portland when you finish. If you're old enough the beer garden is the place to be, if not there are tons of food and merchandise vendors around so that everyone will be entertained.

The dogs, Quintus and Gabby, I believe are thoroughly bored with my endeavor to clean the office and keep themselves entertained by eating little bits of stuff that hits the floors causing me to chase after them while trying to get whatever it is they've decided to try and eat out of their mouth. It's gross, but many of my friends remember the story about Gabby eating the nylon, and after spending $1500.00 you learn to count every single nylon sock that goes in the wash and everyone that comes out and if they don't add up you start to sweat, praying that it's not going to be a repeat of 'that' incident ever again.

I've also been busy on my ravelry page, cataloging my stash, listing in my 'library' what knitting books I own. That's making me feel productive, although the bin of misc. yarn sitting next to me on the floor with a back of sock yarn seem to be mocking me to take the challenge of logging them into the stash section of my ravelry page.....that maybe a task for this evening.
I'm enjoying my space here though, I have the window opened a crack for some fresh air and can hear the horn of the ferry blowing every half hour. That is one of the things I enjoy about living where I do, the ferry horn. It lets you know that things are working, people are moving about......which I am about to do so I will sign off for now, I hope this Sunday finds everyone well and happy. If you are knitting I hope you are knitting something you are enjoying, if you aren't knitting I hope you are enjoying wherever the day leads you to do....


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