That's the excuse today. I know I explained why I didn't post on Tuesday, knitting class and all, but yesterday, that was just plain busy and I really didn't have much to say...well that's not completely true, I always have something to say, just ask my husband, what I had to say wasn't appropriate for a blog posting, because it had little to do with knitting and much to do about well..........we'll leave it at that.....anyway.
On the upside yesterday I was able to finally stop in to R&E Cycle. Simply the best bike shop in Seattle. They are having a HUGE show coming up you should check out their website. I own 2.5 of their bikes. I say 2.5 because my husband and I also own a tandem. So I have a road bike, a touring bike and half a tandem. I'm what they call a stoker in the biking world. We'll leave it at that. I expect the jokes to fly. However the best nickname I've been given since I started cycling is by Eric and Chris at work. They call me speedbump. The believe the biggest hill I've ever ridden up is equal to a speedbump, last I check, Chuckanut Drive was a heck of a lot more than a speedbump :) but I do like the nickname.......

Above we have me, crossing the finish line in the 2006 Seattle to Portland. For
those of you unfamiliar with this ride it's 2 days 206 miles. On top of my
Ghetto Jetta (ghetto because it took a beating this winter) is our tandem. That
really only has about 30 miles on it. I have control issues but I'm working on
it. (Joanne, that little phrase is for you)

So here we go.....
Status updates,
I believe Marcy is almost done with her second Nasturtium sock, I am not completely sure since I haven't seen it since lunch yesterday. So I'll take a picture at lunch today and post this when I get home. So I took a picture during lunch today and here it is. I believe she is two rows away from decreasing for the toe....

See how pretty it looks on her hand? I can't wait to see it on her foot!

My super simple short sock with the Nasturtium twist is coming along quite nicely. Only a few more rows and i'll begin the decreases for the toe.

See the 2 needles sitting there a if you look really close a row of loops that
look confused. This is when you say Oh Biscuits!

I need to put this in now. They were coming along quite nicely till I screwed something up, pulled out a needle, not 100% sure that I needed to/should have and, well Marcy said she would help me fix it tomorrow. But, needless to say, this is not a sock that is 'coming along quite nicely' it's a sock that makes you say BISCUIT, instead of what you want to say.

I started the bamboozled head band for Megan, ripped it out, started it again and ripped it out, started it, got to row 29 decided it didn't look right so I ripped it out again....I'll get back to it......it's a challenge now.
I've decided to take the idea of the headband and kind of revise it for me. I think Bamboozled is a fantastic head band and I will make it one day and it will look great. Today is not that day.

February Lady is back on the needles and I believe I'm doing the increases correctly. I think I'll bring that on the plane to Florida along with some socks to knit. The question remains though, do I bring the sock to work on at the parks? I know for sure that there is one ride that I will not EVER go on again. Don't get me wrong The Hulk is an amazing roller coaster. So amazing I was pretty sure I was going to die on it. The picture of me that they snap now as you ride the coaster, is me, gripping the harness, white knuckled, eyes slammed shut, and me trying to shove my head as close to my body as possible, and my husband sitting next to was all smiles. Nope, not going to do it, the boys can do that ride, I'll happily sit on a bench while they terrorize themselves.

I have a picture of a new sweater tonight. This is the front of a sweater my friend Joanne is knitting. That card on the front of it is an advertisement for St. James Cathedral in Seattle and their upcoming concert Great Music for Great Cathedrals. It is a fantastic show. If you are local you should go. Just follow the link to St. James and it will take you right to the music page.

this is Joannes sweater, well the front of it. I believe, and
I'm sure she'll correct me in the morning if I'm wrong, but I belive that this
is her first sweater. It's really nice!

So, aside from getting my eyebrows waxed (yes it hurts but I do it anyway) that's about it. I'm going to go to work on February Lady and Meglettes Kerchief (well the design portion of it anyway) Have a good Thursday.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.


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