Isn't it Obvious......

5:00 p.m. relaxing on the couch with my beautiful Lambs Pride yarn slowing being turned into my Hey Teach sweater and I'm counting stitches as I knit across the first row of the lace chart. My husband walks in, sees me as he usually sees me. Sitting on the couch knitting in the evening. Nothing unusual about that right, except I don't count out loud and he has no idea that i'm having a mental breakdown in my head trying to keep in pattern, count, and knit at the same time. I say quietly 'I'm counting', he went into the kitchen, put his lunch box away etc, started talking to me again, and again I say 'I'm counting' it's possible this came out sounding snarky, I was feeling snarky at that point. It progressed from there and I thought to myself, 'doesn't he see that I'm counting?' Well I figured it out, I got my snarkiness in check and finished the first row perfectly. So well in fact that I figured I could knit in the car while we drove out to Sultan to pick up the race car. I had a plan, it was a good plan, except I didn't have a back up when I got stuck I just had to sit there and ride in the car. Read on......

I'm not good with lace but what I lack in skill I more than make up for with false confidence. That's right. If I belive I can do it I figure I can and then get 'pissy' when it doesn't make sense. Which is why I took a picture of the chart for the Hey Teach lace pattern, sent it via text message to Marcy while my husband was driving us home from picking up the race car. I got stuck and no matter how many ways I looked at it I couldn't figure out what to do. Well, Marcy didn't get the text till she was at work so she explained to me what to do, ignore my place markers just work the pattern. I was back on track. Until the last row. I worked through the pattern exactly as it said, yarn overs (add a stitch and makes a lacy hole) and double decreases (takes away the added stitch so you never have more than you are technically supposed to and also creates a pretty little tuck decrease in the pattern) I was doing it perfectly and maintaining somewhat of a fluid conversation during lunch. Can you see my mistake? Knitting lace (for the first time) and 'maintaining' a conversation. Yeah, that's where the wheels came off and I was 2, TWO stitches short, which means I either decreased too much or didn't yarn over enough. Well I began counting, and I was right, I only had 113 stitches on the needle and I was supposed to have 115. *insert some of my favorite swear words* I stuffed it in my knitting bag and decided I would figure it out at home. Well when I got home I went over it again. I didn't miss one decrease or one yarn over, which can only mean one thing....I screwed up farther back......which means Marcy may rip it back tomorrow when she looks at it again. It's stuffed back in the bag for now and I decided instead in honor of it being 20 f'ing degrees here at night and in the morning and oh yeah, in my office (it's really a closet with a cold air return vent, but they fixed it up and I can't complain, it's four walls and a door, I just need more knitwear) In honor of the freezing cold weather here I am pulling out the yarn my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas and I am knitting the Monster Scarf pattern by by Siobhan Keillor. It's simple. The yarn is Rowan Big Wool Tuft in light pink. I like it, I may need to call the yarn store in MPLS for 4 more balls of it, but we'll see.

Anyway, that's my rant for the night. I'm pissy because I'm 2 stitches down and I didn't make it to one yarn class this week.
Good Night!!


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