Holy Cow!

I didn't realize that the month is almost over and that it had been a month (almost) since I last post. Well I put some pictures up but forgot to hit post on them. What have I been doing? Working for sure, mom came to town last weekend and that was fabulous. I miss her more during the summer. She's home in Minnesota and has her gardens and my brothers and nephews to keep her really busy. When she's in Arizona I talk to her almost every day, so this is a bit of an adjustment.
There was a 2 week period there where the pollen count was obscene and I was incapacitated because of my allergies. I believe the term my doctor used was, 'wow, your sinuses are really angry". I don't have much to say.
I've been working on some different projects. I've got some bad sock juju going on right now so if there are any socks in the pictures below you can be assured that they have been ripped out. However, the hat that the bear is sporting is number one in a series of 2 so far. I plan on more.
the only sock not frogged is monkey at the end.
I'll post more tomorrow
i'm a bit sleepy and I'm working up the courage to look up my test results.
Happy end of June!! I promise July will have many more posts.
I'm starting to feel the urge to write more.........minus the haymaker pale ale...it is sunshine in a bottle.


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