the light at the end of the row.........

"There are days, my friends, when I can't decide if what I do is making me insane or if I'm just plain insane inspite of it all......Or...that I had the makings for an insane person and this stuff has just tipped me into the category". Wendy Bernard from Knit and Tonic author of Custom Knits
I have now begun knitting the final ruffle on Citron. I did put it down for a couple days but there was some alcohol involved and the fact that I almost fell asleep working across one row, but I have sallied forth and made quite a bit of progress in the past few days to get where I am now.....540 stitches into it and 10 more rows to knit.........It's turning out beautifully and when it's done I'll post the final picture......I'm hoping that'll be Saturday night, who knows, it could take me a day or two just to bind off the stitches.

There are however some things that I have learned from this project.........

1. I will knit till I fall asleep, quite literally in the middle of a row

2. I have a stopwatch on my cell phone which is how I learned just how long it took me to purl across a row

3. I grunt when counting

4. I'm looking forward to the next Winter Olympics....

5. Never underestimate Mr. Browns desire to eat things I leave behind.

6. I'm pretty sure I've gone on a nutty but everyone seems to enjoy it

on a side note......I am going to make another one of these shawls.....I've been carrying around this lace weight alpaca making people touch it.....some understand others......well lets say some people give me a wider berth than usual.



Ms. Kimba said…
haha...I ALWAYS make people feel my yarn...they will never understand us

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