There is a reason that it smells fresh.........

I love to sit outside in the sun, enjoy a drink after work, crank out a few rows of knitting while listening to talk radio, and basically taking a big deep breath before moving forward for the afternoon. However, Gabby thinks that along with my having a drink, cranking out knitwear, and taking a deep breath should be coupled with the tossing of her grotty ball. She lets me know that this is her plan by dumping it, literally, in my lap haphazardly and with no regard to what I could possibly be doing. Throw the ball. That's all I need to do to make her happy.
I also would like to put out there to the collective web universe that I have decided to enter a few things in the Evergreen State Fair this year........I'm typically not comfortable with this, I get nervous and then angry if I don't get any recognition, it's a crazy emotional cycle, however I am going to do it but I thought I would let everyone know that along with a Crochet, Lace, Knitting category they also have a Crafts and Hobbies category for 'Shrunken Apple Head People'
I'm for sure swinging by that display, but for now I'll leave you with this thought I had while cruising home on I-5.......
Is this a movement that has taken hold of State Fairs everywhere? Do people collect these? How do you judge it? If it doesn't smell rotten and have some soft spots does it move to the next round? I seriously picture people's homes with rooms decicated to these Shrunken Apple Head people doing various things like; playing in their Shrunken Head Doll House, Riding a Shrunken Head pony, eating sliced Shrunken Heads for dinner.........(those are the ones that don't make it to the next round of judging and I think it's pretty clear that Shrunken Apple Heads clearly have to be cannibals.
So if anyone has any ideas on things that I could submit keeping in mind that it has to be turned in by the 13th of August send me a message!


Thea said…
shrunken head knitter.

And on the ball, kick it. Then your hands can still be drinking and knitting. And over time, it may get dropped at your feet instead of in the lap - she's a smart dog, right?

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