Knitter on the Edge....

It didn't occur to me all at once that this could be potentially bad. That the outcome could result in hopes and dreams crushed all because I wanted cranberry with my vodka.....yet here I am, every other night with a tumbler of cranberry juice, a shot of vodka and the "wedding shawl". That being said, it is moving along, I had a rare moment of cursing when I read line 11 and it said 'yadda yadda yadda, SM, P1 C4B. WTF! C4B!! what the heck are they talking about! I read through the 'stuff needed' section, if not the whole pattern, which is a lesson leanred that I shall now and forever read through the whole pattern before begining the knitting endeavor, nowhere did it say, cable needle needed. Want to know why? Because the designer clearly had a few of her own vodka cranberries, threw caution to the wind and suggests that you also throw caution to the wind while making this lovely delicate wrap that's going to hold you forever in the heirloom vault of the family, she wants you to DROP THE STITCHES OFF THE NEEDLE, REARRANGE THEM, PUT THEM BACK ON AND KNIT ON. Are you freaking kidding me? No, freaking wasn't the F word I chose at the time but it was part of the 'trucker' litany I used. I won't go into the full description of how they explain you achieve this in the notes, needless to say it made me feel like an idiot, and while I'm no slouch when it comes to knitting and I feel fairly competent to decipher a pattern, and even help people with them, this sent me right to the edge. However, I scoffed at their recommendation that I let those stitches drop willy-nilly and used instead my trusty grooved cable needle. So I have moved on if not forgotten the horror of the first time row 11 and I met............
Other happenings around the household.....well D and I finally had a lesson in how to use our Hobie Kayaks...we tried them once last year, couldn't figure out how to make the adjustments so that when we pedaled I wasn't knocking the ladies into my eyeballs and was so frustrated that we put them away, until yesterday.....Thank goodness. We met a guy who does tours with these kayaks all the time, he got me all set up and comfortable and I was off and pedaling......D on the other hand.....well he's got the hang of it, however, it never ceases to be funny to watch someone fall out of a matter how many times it happens.

Currently I am baking something delicious for my friend Amy's birthday, which is tomorrow but the deliciousness that is, won't arrive on her doorstep till the next day.....sorry dear!!!
xoxo Happy Birthday A!!


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