Perfect failure.......

The stash is in order and put away.....the plan is in place of things to knit including 12 pairs of socks for me at minimum and a number of small baby socks to get cranked out for all the little baby feet my friends are bringing into the world. What was the failure? I not only bought more yarn yesterday at the shop but I also cast on for the first pair of baby socks and am actually almost done with the first one......they are pretty damn cute actually......I bought some patterns as well in order to use up the sock stash...vanilla sock patterns in worsted, sport and fingering weight yarn......vanilla socks will be perfect, although I do have a few oat terns for favorite socks I will rotate through the mix just to keep it alive but for the most part the yarn i have is so beautiful that a vanilla sock will be I am off to finish the baby sock, finish moms clapotis scarf from, and my cassis cardigna by Thea Coleman, and a whole 106 QT tub holding all of the sweaters to knit for 2011! So I am off the get stuff done and make use of this day off.
In your remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King give thanks for The change he made in our world and of the changes yet to come......then go knit some socks.
Xoxo Carmel


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