the big disappointment.........

You spend oodles of time knitting up warm wooley socks for your very dearest friends new baby, thought, and giddiness go into the finishing and grafting of the toe, you wrap them up, package them for shipping weigh it, afix proper postage, pop those little things in the mail and wait.......wait for the comment on Facebook saying they arrived, how wonderful they are, or even better a text message with a photo showing little baby feet in little wooley socks with chubby baby legs......and wait....wait....and wait only to discover a week and a half after you mailed them that the postage machine lied because the package is back in your hot little hands, the baby feet have no wooley goodness and you need to fork over more cash because a machine couldn't hold up its end of the deal.......So Megan and Elaina, I apologize for the postage machine, clearly it didn't realize the value of the package it was weighing and was just screwing with me that day....the proper postage is on there now and they are going back in the mail today.
I'm a little hurt that they felt it necessary to put two stickers on it as if I were incapable of getting the message with the first one............I think it's a postmaster power trip.


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