knitted goodness.......

I'm on a baby knitting kick lately with so many friends expecting wee ones or having just had a wee one therefore I've forged a new path for 2011 knitting that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the rest of MY world......which is fine because it's not in my nature to with hold all that is soft warm and fuzzy from little ones who we can force into knitwear because they haven't yet learned the art of saying NO! I don't expect to be on this kick for long since I do have some things I have to get done for myself and I am anxious to get started on them.....However, here is where I am at with the knitting for the babes.......Yesterday I started a little shrug for Elaina and I am almost done with can find the pattern for $4.50 here.

I received a photo text the other day of my Nephew Dog Rupert and apparently he is trying to steal Margie's cowl that I made her for Christmas.......He looks so dashing in it that I think I'm going to have to make him one for Christmas this year......
I was going to load a photo of it but it's not letting me add another at this time so.....I'll post it in a minute with some other photos :)
So, Happy Friday and have a safe and happy weekend!


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