Must Haves for any Happy Home.....

Some of these will of course be obvious but maybe there will be something you've never thought would count
1. Frozen Waffles: convenient, delicious and always available especially if you don't live near a waffle house.
2. Champagne: duh, one should always have a bottle or two ready to pop
3. A dog or two: a. they love unconditionally and will listen while you talk making you sound less crazy than if you had a pet snake.
4. Salted Butter: because salt is good, butter is good, together on the frozen waffles is heaven
5. Yarn: Even if you don't knit (which I still don't understand the people who don't) using it as a centerpiece invites warmth and happy thoughts into your home.

I reserve the right to revise this list at any time especially given that I'm on day five of my cage fighting match with unknown viral apponent and the only thing getting me through is the frozen waffles with salted butter and syrup, and probably the heavy shot of brandy in my hot chocolate last night.


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