Random Saturday.......

1. I have a long weekend since our office is closed on Monday.
2. I received an invitation to a party this sunday......location: my house
3. Since I am having party tomorrow today I have to clean instead of think up an excuse to sit in my chair and knit.
4. I think that because Mr.Racer has a race car he shouldn't pick on me for buying yarn.
5. When my dogs are hungry you would think that I haven't ever fed them consistently for the past 7 years.
6. Tomorrow is the Daytona 500 and so the race season begins.
7. I am in love with my current project
8. Mr. Racer is sighing so I have to go now
Happy Saturday


Tola said…
Formula One season starts in 3 weeks. i foresee my Sunday productivity level diminishing dramatically.

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