work in progress......

I have a lot of works in progress and this is not a surprise to anyone, however I am currently working on a pair of socks for me which as soon as the yarn from yesterday's post arrives will be cast aside like yesterday's left overs, but for now I am loving it, maybe I'm loving the yarn I'm using more........Dream in Color Starry in a dark navy blue so it looks like the night sky speckled with stars.......Enchanting isn't it?
The pattern is Nasturtium and you can find it here.
and after reading Kristin's blog I've discovered that her daughter is equally talented and will be releasing an album soon, I just clicked the Facebook Link to their page and listened to a track I suggest you all do the same and then do what I'm going to do.......Promptly buy the cd. To read about the band click here and to listen to the music on Facebook click here do it, because I said so........please


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