One Rainy Saturday...........

That's what it was this past Saturday........rain rain rain and more rain.......but that didn't stop the car races. It shortened them but it didn't stop them. I of course woke up with a throat on fire and sniffly and sneezy....Not a good start to opening day for the Mini-Stock's and certainly not a good start for the Nissan's return to Evergreen Speedway for the whole season......I brought stuff to knit, I brought drugs for the cold, food for the drivers, and D even dug out the propane heater that we've had forever, sadly my cold won and I had to leave before D was on the track......Here is what I know, I did see him take second in his heat race, and after the recap he gave me yesterday morning I know he finished third! I'll pay better attention next race since a. I won't be sick, and b. will most likely be on the radios so I'll for sure see the race.

this is the view I had pretty much all of yesterday, laying in bed, watching movies, and letting Quintus break the rules to snuggle with me.........Oh and I made a delicious beef stew for dinner but it was in the crock-pot so it was like zero work.....
Happy Monday
Also, I want to send out congratulations to my childhood friend Deena and her family on the birth of Mr. Oliver, he arrived yesterday and I have to agree with Deena's post, he is perfect!! Welcome Mr. Oliver to your beautiful family!


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