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Wool-Gathering is a phrase I read in a book a few years back and in context means day dreaming......I use it to refer to random bits of this and that........so here goes.
1. I killed a possum yesterday. I didn't mean to, in fact I swerved to try and avoid him and allow him to return to his little possum family but after emailing D and asking if he had seen a possum in the road yesterday by Schwans well it was confirmed.....it COULD have been the car behind me but I felt a bump where there is no bump in the road....sad.
2. I planted some pansies a couple weeks ago and last Sunday I saw there were slugs so I did what any gardener would do, I set out to kill them, (kind a pattern now) I ran downstairs with two plastic party punch cups borrowed some beer from the kegerator and set them out.....for 3 days nothing and then yesterday it was like the sign came on and said 'FREE BEER' the one cup was full the other one had a line up of slugs waiting to get in......then my guilt kicked in, some of these slugs were little babies and I had just blew my karma for the day by murdering a possum.....I promptly dumped the cups, tossed the dead slugs, hoped I just made a few more of them boozy and now I'm thinking a few rounds of the rosary might set my spiritual balance back to rights..........
3. I knit something ugly and in order to restore my knitting confidence, the proof that I'm not a rube, that I do know how to knit and knit well, I am knitting the same piece again but in a different yarn, a beautiful Prism in their Lipstick Colorway, already my faith is restored.
4. Karma struck again in the same night, knitting knitting knitting while D and I are shuffling race cars all over the county, I hit a knot in the yarn. A KNOT! I know this happens and with some yarns I expect it to happen but the rage I felt at this KNOT could only be surpassed by the shock D felt when I said "F&$%! You spend $40.00 on a skein of yarn.....$40.00 DOLLARS there should be NO KNOTS, NONE it makes me so mad!" and D says "really? the $40.00 dollars for the skein isn't what got you?" Fair enough but my standing argument is he has a race car and it eventually is a wash.
5. I was bored over the weekend and was filling out some random survey and it asked me what age group I am in........I am sad to report that I have been bumped into the next bracket with my impending birthday rapidly approaching.
6. It was D's birthday yesterday and I didn't plan accordingly so in that respect I failed as a wife......He got a card but that was about the extent of it.....I'll do better next year.

Answer me this before you click away from here..........How do you feel about knots in yarn? Especially when you pay 15.00 or more p/ skein?

Happy Thursday...........

p.s. I am sorry about the killing of the possum.......as for the slugs I'm sure the beer will go back out and their little party will resume, maybe I'll knit up some tiny paper lanterns to hang and make it more festive???

p.p.s. Mom will have read this last p.s. and will say 'she's just sick, but we love her in spite of it.'


lincannon said…
I get so angry when i hit knots in yarn, especially when it is $40.00. Even if it is cheaper yarn. It drives me crazy, because I relly do not like to blend a split in my knitting if i can I always want it on an edge, so I just hate it. Truly hate it when it is socks, like pull my hair out hate it.

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