The Best Feeling.........

Is logging in to your computer and finding a picture of a baby wrapped up in something you knit for them before they were born.
As I said before, my friend Mindy gave birth to Damien on Monday. Yesterday there were two pictures of him one in his little race snuggy and one of him in his big bad baby blanket.
I was all twitterpated last night and it took a while to settle down. Sorry to all my friends I text about this, I was supremely excited.
I had the same feeling after the weekend when I was reading my best friends blog and saw pictures of her beautiful daughter Elaina in the little Whirligig Shrug I made her. She of course was stunning.

These pictures, these feelings, and these babies are what make knitting 100% fun for me!!


Julie said…
Aw, that's so wonderful!!!
Ms. Kimba said…

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