Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!!

Sadly I have to be at work all day while you and Gabby celebrate at home but have I got a surprise for you on my way home tonight!!

Mr. Brown & Gabby's 3rd and 1st birthday party. From left to right: Gabby, Lucy, Sable, Mr. Brown, and Nellie
 Hard to believe that he is 9 years old. He was just shy of 2 when we adopted him. He's probably the quirkiest boxer I've met so far. He loves to lay in the sun till he's hot as anything, he likes a spoonfull of fresh brewed coffee every once in a while in his dish. He'll knock you down for a chocolate chip cookie, and if cake is in the vicinity well you better wrap barbed wire around it because he LOVES cake. He drools the minute you start peeling a satsuma around Christmas and he's been known to eat tomatoes right off the vine. Recently he has adopted my green chair in the living room as his, which is fine, our first boxer did that as well when was older so I guess it's fair.............He makes me happy, he makes me laugh, when I do yoga at home he'll sit on the end of my mat and watch me, when I do lunge squats he hops along beside me, and best of all if you ask nicely he'll kiss the tip of your nose...............he also knows how to eat off a fork, a trick D wishes I never would have taught him but that can't be changed now.

Happy Birthday Mr. Quintus Brown
A McDonalds Cheeseburger is in your future today :)


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