Work In Progress

I know, I know, it's selfish to knit something for myself when there are so many other people that I am knitting for at the same time, but every once in a while I need to do some me knitting and this is it.
It has all the elements I love about a sweater made for me......
1. Top down
2. Short sleeves
3. Fetching cable pattern down the front and back.
4. Calls for worsted weight

Pattern Name: Jetty
Designer: Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Website: Winged Knits you can also find this and more of her patterns on Ravelry!
(I can't link because not only am I typing this on my phone I am doing it with my thumb....and I wonder where my wrist problems are coming from lol)
Size Range: 30&3/4 inches to 52
Knitting know how: cabling, increases, decreases, and remembering which stitch marker you designated for the beginning of the round. I have eight total stitch markers on here now and for this project I chose the 'fatty tuna' sushi stitch marker as my beginner. Since I used my fancy App for my iPhone camera the color is not accurate. The correct color is more of a deep orange burnt sienna......perfect to wear when tripping thru the pumpkin patch this fall!!!


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