Nailed It...

I did nail it! I combed over stitch patterns, lace patterns, and said 'screw swatching' and just cast on gazillions of stitches then realized I hadn't thought it thru and had to rip back again and again. I bought patterns and tried them again saying 'swatching be damned' and screwed up, ripped out some more.
Some things I have learned from this frustrating enlightening journey:
1. If you're going to make it up you better swatch it up
2. KnitPicks lace is super generous in how many times it'll let you rip your sh!it  beautiful knitting back.
3.I still have way too much yarn (this is just as observation as I gaze out to my living room and see the crates piled high with yarn, coffee table covered decorated with yarn, and the couch has a new box of yarn as it as I speak...)
What did I nail? Fati's wedding wrap. It's so simple I'm delirious and yet the simplicity is what's going to make it amazing, especially on her...
I am using the Knit Picks Gloss Lace Yarn you can find it here. I chose the natural color for the Bride-to-Be and it's lovely!
KnitPicks is a great site and an excellent place to buy yarn, actually I know quite a few good places to buy yarn online but that's for another blog post. When in doubt it's always best to buy from your local yarn shop and keep that place in business because if they are your knitting support team and make all the difference sometimes!
Circling back...I finally settled on the most basic but beautiful lace pattern. Feather and Fan. I've knit it before in blankets, in scarves, and it's always beautiful, it's easy and it doesn't have 45 row repeat that makes you count your f$%&ing perfect little stitches 19 times only to discover that you still haven't mastered counting and are clearly off by one or five.
So here is what I've done:
KnitPicks Gloss Lace (link above) in Natural
Feather and Fan Lace Pattern
Size 9 circular needle, that's right people don't get faint on me, I am using size 9 needles for a lace and no I am not double stranding it!
Cast on 96 stitches
maintain the first 3 and last 3 as knit stitches and work your feather and fan lace on the 90 middle stitches
and voila! You have an amazing work in progress!

Wait till it's's going to look amazing!


Ms. Kimba said…
The size 9 is going to help keep it light & lacy :)
Fatima said…
So pretty. I am so excited!
Kelly said…
Beautiful! Can't wait to see it blocked.

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