all sorts of delicious...

Is what I was thinking last night when I sat down to dinner...What did I have? you ask...I'll tell you. It was nothing short of amazing. A little time consuming but well worth it. The best part is that it's equally delicious served cold at around midnight, well the dogs and I thought so when we took another forkful of it. Is the suspense killing you? Do you want to know what it was? Is the suspense killing you?

Wait for it...

Tortilla Lasagna! by fellow knitter, blogger, and designer Kellty Patla at Creating a Family Home.
If you haven't checked out her blog you should hop on over immediately (click the fancy link above)...She's amazing! Her designs are wonderful and her recipes (I've tried two so far) are delicious...

I made a few tweaks to it based on what I had at home but the rest of it I followed to the letter.
I used flour tortillas instead of corn but in order to prevent them from getting mushy I toasted them lightly before layering in the pan.
I added 1 can of pinto beans and about 1 cup of corn to the beef mixture along with 3-4 cloves of diced garlic.
Trust me when I say this was delicious.
You should try it.
This weekend for sure.
I filled a 9x13 pan and we had dinner last night, (midnight snack), lunch today at work, and dinner again tonight.
Have you left for the store yet? What are you waiting for?

Need a picture? I thought about taking it before I dug in...obviously I didn't think hard enough because I couldn't resist the smells wafting up at me...
The big bonus though was that D liked it as well, which is nice because I can add it to my recipe rotation for him.
Now on a side note, D pointed out the other day that Gabby has taken precedence over Quintus in the photo taking/blogging arena...While it's possible that it's true it's only because Quintus always looks away from the carmera when I point it at him. In order to prove my point last night after we finished dinner I said 'Watch, as soon as I point this at him he'll look away'
Best picture all summer...I love him to pieces.


Julie said…
that looks so delicious!! what a great dinner idea.
Carmel said…
it was perfect! I found some fresh broccoli I steamed to go with it and it was for 2 people it lasts for a few meals!

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