crazy is as crazy does...

I'm knitting like crazy now but seem to be accomplishing nothing...I have a stack of stuff that needs just a little bit more done and it will be a finished object...
a second sleeve
a button band
buttons sewn on
eyes to knit up (owl)
finish a yoke
knit a second slipper
weave in tails (i really really need to be in the mood to do this otherwise it drives me bonkers)
Along with hauling a 17lb turkey down I5 this Thursday I'm packing up my knitting basket so I can maybe work on this stuff while the turkey finishes cooking and I can hang out with Mom, D, and G on Lake Union.

It's pretty stormy here today so I'm thinking about mom down on the lake in the floating house she is staying in....there is a part of me that secrety hopes it got rocking pretty good but I doubt it. I think they anchor in pretty well.

I'll post pictures of everything soon.
I hope
that is, if I have stuff finished to photograph....

Happy Tuesday!


You haven't finished your owl yet?! lol -- I know what you mean! I have a TON of stuff that's either unfinished or completely abandoned. I'm thinking up a plan to finish these projects in 2012 and try to *only* work from my stash and see if other knitters want to "participate" in a moment of solidarity. Are you IN?
Carmel said…
I'm totally in on the 2012 stash knitting! The's the eyes I have to finish but I'm not happy with the colors I have so I'm looking for more color choices!

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