The Meltdown...

That's what I had at the suggestion that we cook another turkey for Christmas Eve.
I cooked three turkeys during November and have come to one solid conclusion.
I love everything about cooking a turkey dinner.
The mashed potatos
The stuffing
The baby peas
The dinner rolls
The sweet potatoes
The Jell-O salad that my mom makes


I can't stand to eat turkey

So when it was suggested very nicely by my husband that we cook a Turkey for Christmas Eve (the turkey sitting frozen hard as a rock in our freezer) I felt so much rage toward that little fowl that I flat out refused to do it. Short of laying on the ground and kicking and stomping my feet. (it's possible I did that but I won't confirm)

Not gonna do it
Want nothing to do with it
Nope Nope

I pick up the Honey Baked Ham on the December 23rd

Bring on Festivus!


Julie said…
haha, then he should cook the turkey if he wants it! We always do ham and turkey with my family, but it's never at my house- I've only cooked a turkey once in my life, and it was certainly an experience.

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