Padding my Stash...

In my attempt to prepare for the 2012 stash busting challenge I have felt the need to pad my stash with some know, just in case I don't have enough. I do have enough, even if it was a 2012 sock stash busting I have enough, but just in case...
I bought 2 skeins of socks that rock lightweight (Thank you again Marcy for picking that up for me!)
6 balls of wool-ease in azalea pink for a little girls swing coat
And tonight I am replenishing my super bulky stash to make more hats...
God forbid that I actually empty a tote and use it for something else like craft supplies or race track cooking supplies...nope! Better off keeping those full of yarn lest there is a shortage like the butter shortage in Norway right now!
I've returned to the land of the living after a nasty wrestling match with a nasty virus. He had the upper hand in me yesterday morning but I finally pinned him down last evening and plan on doing a happy dance on it this evening...while buying yarn.
Happy Tuesday!


This isn't cheating because it's still 2011 and I just got some naturally dyed worsted wool in the mail today! LOL

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