A Stack O' Hats

just waiting to warm cold nuggets...this is just the beginning, I plan on making a bunch more, in fact as soon as I finish addressing Christmas cards I'm going to start another skein!

super bulky wool
Pattern is Erich's AF Knockoff Hat
Free download on Ravelry
The top one of course is the Finished object from last night it's recipient arrived this morning! welcome to the world Mr. P! Can't wait to meet you soon!
As soon as what is rapidly turning into a cold goes away!

Congratulations Alyssa and Ben with the new addition to your family!

Happy Saturday!



Knitterella said…
You sure are knocking out the hats! Everyone is going to love them.
Carmel said…
Thanks Jill!! They are so quick it's nice to have them on hand for last minute gifts! I need to crank out a few for the Garbage man, mail man and the local paper delivery girl!

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