I only meant...

To get it established and set it aside for a later time.
I bought this Blue Moon Twisted in Firecracker back in November and it's been whispering to me and eyeballing me thru the whole holiday season. It's 560 glorious yards of worsted weight hand dyed wool.
The project had to be perfect, so I waited...
I'm in the middle of two projects and a number of things that need final touches but that didn't matter one bit last night... Nope. I was a knitter possessed by startitis syndrome which is ripping thru the knitting community like a plague right now...I couldn't fight it, but I really didn't try.
So there I was wedged between my knitting chair and Christmas tree (yes it's still up but so is my neighbors so don't start) using the light from it to dig out my swift and winder. Next thing you know I had this gorgeous skein wound up ready to go.
I wolfed down my dinner in a very un-ladylike manner, then made my way gracefully (like a storm trooper) upstairs and cast on. I didn't stop for 3 hours...


Lindsay don't worry...Miss B's sweater will be done before she out grows it!

I'm still having trouble with that stupid button band...I'll tackle it again tonight...if I can stop knitting this infinity cowl long enough!

I'll post more details about the pattern in the FO post (probably tomorrow)


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