Finished Objects

I've been a busy little bee lately.
Plus I'm on a hat kick.
It started with Felicity by Wanette Clyde
Then I revisited Seedling by Alana Dakos
Followed by Autumn Vines Beret, another by Alana. I finished this one last night and immediately started in on Rustling Leaves Beret by, guess who? Alana Dakos. A skein of Blue Moon Fiber arts came to me via my friend Marcy (thanks again darlin') and I knew two things immediately.
1. I was going to knit an Alana Dakos pattern with it.
2. It had to have texture, either cables or stitch manipulation.
Bazinga! Rustling Leaves

So here are the details of my FO's
Knit in Trilly Merino & Silk. I used two different shades of purple.
Size 5 and 7 needles and the same in DPN's (i started the hat on DPN's until the stitches started to spread out enough to go on a 16" ciruclar)
I added an extra 12 rows to make it more slouchy but it wasn't slouchy enough for my supersize nugget.
It's a gift for my sister-in-laws sister-in-law in Illinois(confused?)
This is a fun, relaxing hat and looks great on guys and girls alike.

This is the second time I've made Seedling. Last year I knit it for Red Barn Yarn's to use as a sample at TNNA. Back then I thought that the yarn made the hat huge. Turns out it's just a big hat, that's meant to be big and be worn slouch style. The best part of this hat is the embossed look of the seedlings shooting up from the sweet are they?
100% Cashmere by Filatura di Crossa used about 2 skeins
Size 6 needle and size 6 DPN's to close it up at the top.
I love this because of the construction of the seedlings. I need to make one for myself (someday)
This one is also heading to Illinois.

do you see the halo on the edge? Bunny Fur :)

Autumn Vines Beret: 
This is the FOURTH one of these I've made. This pattern grabs me and doesn't let me go! I love it. LOVE IT. It looks amazing and once it's blocked it transforms it!
I used Sublime Angora Merino in a soft pink. I can't believe how soft this yarn feels to the touch. It's the bunny in it I know and it feels just like touching a baby bunny.

Size 5 needles as well as a set of size 5 DPN's and a cable needle. I also like to keep a highlighter near by and highlight the rows as I complete them. Alana does an amazing job in her patters of writing out each and every row that you knit.

Blocking right now on a dinner plate balanced on a can of soup

Rustling Leaves: WIP I only have a 1x1 ribbing to show you on that...
this one is for me... 

I think that when the package arrives in Illinois it's going to be a free-for-all between Lynn, Emma, and Hannah on who gets which hat...I can't wait to see them wearing them!


Julie said…
You are a hat machine!! I love them all, but I think seedling is my fave.
Carmel said…
I really like Seedling as well but I'm almost done with Rustling Leaves by Alana and I'm completely in love with it...I'm going to do Cloudy Day next for a friend of mine in a silk/merino blend...Can't wait to see how that turns out!

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