Saturday: the end of 'one of those weeks'...

It wasn't a bad week but it was a busy week...
Between my car getting repaired for a third time in a month, three hockey games, and bowling league on Friday night followed by one of the three games (the third one is tonight) I just haven't had much knitting time. I get a little bit each day at work but the evenings were just crazy! So instead of having a finished slouch to give my friend today I have an 'almost finished' slouch to show her. Today is going to be just as busy as the week has been, which is why I'm brewing a second pot of coffee!
A Lacrosse game that my friends son is playing in (i've never seen a lacrosse game so I'm  pretty excited about this)
A trip to Pacific Fabrics for some pre-ruffled fabric to make myself a skirt to wear to Scottsdale
The usual trip to the grocery store
followed by the Silvertips hockey game tonight!
Plus I want to put together some St. Patrick's Day treats for all my nephews and nieces!
So, here is what Lisa is going to see today when I meet her at the lacrosse field...

Hopefully tomorrow instead of a 'still not finished post' I can show you a finished object post and the start of my next rustling leaves beret...
Happy Saturday! 
I'm off to Snohomish to cheer on some lacrosse!!


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