The countdown...

The Elbow has taken things a little to far. After three cortisone shots, icing, and squeezing exercises, it's just not behaving...
Tuesday I went into the MRI tube do the Doc H. Could get a good look at what's going on...wear and tear is what's going on and it's only getting worse..
I can keep getting shots of cortisone but eventually they'll stop being as effective.
Surgery will be the best option.
That's right.
Wanna know the worst part?
Recovery can take up to five months

Five Months


FIVE months of no knitting...
I'll give you a second to get up off the floor...
You read that again didn't you?
my friend MzKimba has graciously offered to take care of my stash. However I think I'll just pack it all up and store it somewhere safe till I get the all clear from Doc H.

Now all this being said, I have projects that need to be completed, so I'm going to try and schedule the surgery for sometime in November (after the knitting retreat of course).

It makes me light headed to think about a 5 month separation but it has to be for fun lets place some bets on how it will turn out...

A. I won't last 5 months not knitting
B. Dale won't last 5 months with me not knitting
C. I'll take up stamp collecting
D. I'll end up curled in a corner sucking my thumb clutching a ball of cashmere and a bottle of vodka softly rocking back and forth...

Happy Thursday!

My toes aren't long enough to hold the knitting needles I've tried already...
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lincannon said…
And here I thought you had all those baby knits to make? Sorry for the elbow thing,,YOwCH must hurt like the dickens if you can't knit. I go for curled up in the fetal position sleeping in your yarn stash.. When my shoulder did its thing, I made sure to keep that arm almost immobile and let the other side take over. But it is probably hard to not let it move and get irritated. I believe you said you knit continental so that helps some. The other thing I notice is the chunkier the yarn the more movement it takes. I also only use circulars or dpns. less movement with them.
I promise to keep on Pinning baby things as their small, right? and should be less stressful? (ha)!
lincannon said…
I am still in shock over 5 months of not knitting OH MY Gosh, I will freak out for you.
Ms. Kimba said…
Yeah....I won't promise if I hold your stash that you will get all of it back. I'm sure well over half will be missing. haha

So it is better if you hide it from yourself!
I'm so sorry to hear it! I hope this isn't the case, but D made me laugh. :)

It'll be hard not being able to knit, but maybe you can use that time to sew some more, once your elbow has recovered enough.
Anonymous said…
First off, I'm must closer physically to the stash than the rest of them, so I'm first in line. Second, I've had the surgery and it didn't take five months. You'll be amazed at what you can do with your arm and wrist immobilized!!!

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