Boyfriend turned 1 year old on 5/30 and he is having a big birthday hootenanny this weekend.
Since Boyfriends dad loves monkeys and Boyfriend seems to love them as well it makes sense that I would knit him a monkey...and the obvious choice was Jerry the Musical Monkey by designer Rebecca Danger a local Washingtonian!
I ran out of stuffing partway through the head last night so I foresee a stop at HL (hobby lobby) this afternoon for more!

I'll post the finished monkey later along with some of him and Boyfriend this Sunday when they finally meet!

Happy Friday!

Damien has been Boyfriend to me since the first day I met him, his mom calls me his girlfriend...


He's gonna be cute! All those Big Snowy Owls must have gobbled up all your poly fiberfill. :) I just started a worsted weight version for the new baby's room.
mindeeharriss said…
Carmel, this is awesome, he's gonna love it!
See you Sunday!

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