Sunday, as I was finishing up BW's Newborn Boots, I was being eyeballed by a cake of Cascade Eco Wool in my stash pile... also used as a decorative centerpiece in my living room.

I would glance at it and think, 'wow, i love knitting with you'
Then I would regroup and focus back on the booties.

I really need some mittens, I'm in the habit of giving them away when people admire them and suddenly realize their hands are cold.

Finish the booties...

I have the perfect mitten pattern to use that eco-wool with, they'll be lovely.


You get the drift. I hunkered down, I finished the booties and immediately launched into another project for BW, not the mittens.

That was a mistake...
Don't worry though, I'm still going to finish the next project for BW, just not as quickly as I wanted.
It's like I'm doing a purge... A need to knit something not only adult size but something for me. I've cracked out a lot of stuff for babies in the past year. A lot, and it's not over yet.

I have in progress:
a blanket for Bump
a monkey for BW
a cashmere tee for BW

in the wings I have:
an idea for a birthday sweater for Bump that will actually be a Christmas Sweater...
an Old Man Cardigan waiting to be knit for BW

Not to mention I got a wild notion the other day that I could feasibly knit the family Christmas presents this year... Reality hasn't knocked that notion back to the crazy pile yet either.

For certain Miss A. is going to get a Big Pink Pig designed by Purl SoHo and free on the Purl Bee Blog.

I digress...

Yesterday I couldn't hold out any longer.
I got home, let the dogs out, pull out some US 6 dpn's, snatched that yarn cake from the pile and cast on 36 stitches in record time...

By last night before I went to sleep I had made the first increase for the thumb gusset...

I can't wait to finish them and I am hoping for a cold snap by Sunday so I can wear them, or I'll just do what I always do when it's too warm for knitwear... Drive with my air conditioning at full blast.


I just cast on a hat for myself, too! I guess I couldn't take all the baby/kid knits anymore, either. :) I'm knitting the Purl Bee's Thank You Hat, but I called it "Selfish Hat" in my Ravelry projects because that's what it feels like! Forget about seaming Nathan's mittens or sewing the sleeves on New Baby's Dale cardigan.... :P
Carmel said…
I'm going to make those hats for my brothers for Christmas (i write that here because I highly doubt they ready my blog LOL) I love the look of the one with the fold over brim! Plus Annie is going to get their big pink pig but I'll do it in worsted so it's easier for her to love up :)

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