Finished Object(s)

I have two, maybe three to share... Have I shared Pig? Hold on...

 I just double checked and I did so it is indeed only two finished objects to share today...

One is Oswald.
You've seen some photos of him but not the details.
Yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.
Main Color is Taupe, and here is where I'm going to fail as a blogger, I don't remember the two blues I chose, just that I liked them. the white is fisherman. Sorry.
Polyfil Stuffing from the local craft store.
The nose is 4 strands of Brown Sheep Worsted in Goldenrod because I didn't bring my Venezia Bulky scraps on the retreat.

I really love him.
I think everyone on the retreat really loves him...
I hope Bear loves him.

You wanted to hear the story about the owl didn't you?

Well as I was told Bear was down visiting with my mom a couple weeks ago and he spotted her big owl that I had knit for her birthday last year. He asked her where she had gotten it and then if he could have it...
Mom explained that someone very special had made that for her and that she wanted to keep it for now.
Bear told her that it was wonderful and that when she didn't want it anymore he would like to have it... So he's getting an owl for Christmas, not only because he has an amazing appreciation for knit things at the age of five, but also to possibly save my mom's owl from being kidnapped when she's not looking.

Next up is a shawl I started back in June because at that point summer hadn't arrived in the Northwest and what better thing to knit at a baseball game being played in 55 degrees... an aran weight shawl.

Pattern: Citron by Hilary Smith-Callis it's free on Knitty. If you want to go past the original pattern size and make it really big then you need to purchase the Citron Grand on Ravelry. I did that just in case... I'll probably make a bigger lace one in a few years...
Yarn: Cascade Eco-Wool 478 yards per skein. Color on label is Black but it's really a deep rich chocolate brown... I would love to meet the sheep who donated this wool to my shawl. I bet he's beautiful.
Size 11 needle.

I need to block the crap out of it and then it'll be Super Wonderful, but it's pretty wonderful now and I'm in love with it.

Once it's blocked and dried I'll get some more photos of it for you... until then, enjoy!

time it took to bind of 554+ stitches


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