Little Ball of Panic...

It's no secret that I knit a lot.
It's no secret that I always have yarn on me in some form.
There have also been witnesses to what happens when I do not have a project with me.

The panic.
The distraction.
The disbelief that I really actually forgot it.
The distraction.
The inability to function temporarily while I struggle to figure out what to do.

During the week I knit during my lunch.
Have done this for the past 3-4 years.

I brought a lot of stuff to work today.
I brought packages that I need to ship on my way home.
I brought a finished objet that needs to be wrapped.
I even brought a freaking Gooey Butter Cake

I didn't bring my newest project.

Happy Freaking Monday.

I'm hoping that Marcy has a pair of dpn's because I know I have a partial ball of yarn rolling around in my car.


Anonymous said…
oh no, i don't!
lincannon said…
Sounds like me. Cannot not have something to work on, the agitation is enormous. Everyone in the family knows this. " keep calm and carry yarn (and needles to work with)"

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