One of Four

As I spouted off a couple weeks ago, I'm going to attempt to knit stuff for people for Christmas.
I've whittled 'people' down to Miss A, Bird, Bear, and Bump... (the niece and nephews).

I finished Miss A's last night (except the eyes those will be done today)
I knit her a pig.
It's not to big, the perfect size for her 1 year old arms to wrap around and cuddle.

Pattern is Big Pink Pig on the Purl Bee Blog.
It follows the style of the Big Snowy Owl that I knit a few off.

I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton in a pale pink.
Size 6 DPN's
Polyfil stuffing
The pattern is 21 pages long if you print it but it's also very well written as are all the Purl Bee patterns.
It's adorable.
In fact she's sitting on my desk right now... I need to get her packaged up so she doesn't get dirty before Christmas morning.

I can't wait for Miss A to see it Christmas morning.

Next up
Bear's Big Barn Owl... this is more of a self preservation project so he doesn't abscond with mom's big orange owl I knit her... :) I'll tell the story when I post the finished object.

1 more day and I get to see my mom!
2 more days and we'll be on our way to Langley, WA for the knitting retreat.
6 more days before mom and I return to Churchmouse Yarn and Tea on Bainbridge Island!

I'm mentally packing what I'm going to knit.
Of course the Barn Owl
Possibly a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts
A Hat
A Monkey
A Monster
Shanna's next knitted goody... I want to get it done in good time for the cold weather...

Happy Wednesday!



lincannon said…
Have a great time with your Mom, sounds like fun!
lincannon said…
Have a great time with your Mom, sounds like fun!

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