Retreat Day! Retreat Day! Retreat Day!

Mom arrived last night!! Also my brother and his youngest son Bear arrived yesterday for a visit to Seattle!
D and I hooked up with Mom, A and Bear for dinner at Etta's down in the Market in Seattle. It was so great! I haven't seen A or Bear since July when we were home for the 2 day whirlwind visit!

Bear is going to be six soon.
Where does the time go?
Every time I think about my niece and nephews and their ages I think? 'Holy crap that went fast'

It's also along those same lines that I had a sobering moment in the shower yesterday...

I thought to myself 'Holy S*%$! You're closer to 50 than you are to 20'
When the heck did that happen?
Whatever. I don't feel closer to 50. Heck I don't feel that close to 39 and it's so close I could spank it.

I'm so jacked up to get to Whidbey Island today I honestly can't function.

I packed all the projects I have left to knit for the younger contingent, although Bears Barn Owl is almost done.
I also packed yarn to make mittens.
I packed a skein for a hat
I also packed my Aran Weight Citron Shawl to finish up... (do you have any idea how many stitches I have to count to figure out what part of the pattern I'm in? It's a lot, I better do that before my first Absolut and Tonic tonight)

It's possible I threw in a couple skeins of sock yarn as well...
Stay tuned! I'll post pictures of day 1 later today!

I pick up my mom in three and a half hours! EEEEK!!

Of course this is my favorite from last year when I passed this little side deck and saw all those cats... then went back to take a picture and discovered they were making their way toward me...


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