Finished Object: Big Brother Watch Cap

Remember last weeks faux pax?
The packaging up of a finished object without photographing it?
I know... Rookie blogger mistake..

Don't worry though.
I opened that package back up and did a mini photo shoot right here in my office.

this is the birthday card i sent...
we do have a messed up sense of humor
in our family.

It was my older brothers birthday yesterday.
I think he turned 40.
How is that possible? Shouldn't we still be in our 20's? Early 30's?
Nope. All three of us, well two of us now, are within spitting distance of 40.


Big Brother spends a lot of time outside whether it's walking around for his job, working in his yard, or spending time with his kids and so he wears a lot of hats.

Plus he lives in the midwest, which if you have seen the news, received 12-16 inches of snow this past weekend.

I knit him the Watch Cap from the book 'Knits Men Want'.

It's wonderful.

I chose to not do the fold over brim for one reason... that 1x1 ribbing was going push me over the brink!

here are the necessary details

pattern: Watch Cap by Bruce Weinstein in his book Knits Men Want
yarn: Cascade eco wool in 'black' (really a nice dark chocolate brown)
needles: size 6

Happy Birthday A!! Can't wait to see all of you in a week and a half!



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