Spring Cleaning = no VK Live

I don't get a cleaning bug often. I truly dislike it. I would rather knit than scrub a toilet or polish something... But it happens that I get the urge to purge (too much listening to the Top Gun soundtrack this weekend) and when the momentum is high and lasts three days I won't fight it... I can't.

Plus I probably saved at least $250.00 by not going to a knitting expo!

Have you ever done a big ruthless purge on your stuff? You can learn a lot about who you are or who you have been...

1. I apparently have an affection for lined notebooks and notepads considering I've counted 17 in my living room alone.

2. I easily have 50+ knitting books on my shelf and have only knit one pattern from one of them.

3. 2011 I was a grumpy snot at Christmas. So grumpy I didn't even open any Christmas cards. I didn't thrown them out either apparently... I'll open them later today.

4. My sister-in-law M gives me some pretty awesome gifts. Funny notebooks (obviously other people are aware of my love of places to write) Dog Poetry, figurines, and coffee cups to name a few... I love them all.

I'm obviously on the verge of being a candidate for Hoarders.

Just don't let them touch my notebooks.

Or Yarn.

Here I go...


Julie said…
I love a good purge! Although I have a tough time getting ride of stuff, it feels so good when I get a bunch of stuff out of the house and donated. And I do that with knitting books and magazines ALL the time- I swear I'm going to knit a bunch of patterns from it, and inevitably knit one or less. Sigh.
Carmel said…
It's amazing how much bigger it feels... My guest/storage room is next weekends project... Most of the stuff in there is just things we didn't know what to do with when we moved...

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