chocolate milk...

If you know me. If you know me really well, then you know that I love chocolate milk/hot chocolate. I don't talk about it obsessively, I don't rhapsodize about variations and the multitude of flavors. I'm a simple girl and I like things in their pure basic form. That especially goes for my chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

I've always been a fan of Nesquick. I remember getting the cans of Nesquick as a child (it was a treat in our house) I remembering the tight squeak of the tin lid that you had to use your spoon the pry open. The crunch powder.

Don't get me started on Strawberry Quick... That stuff makes my heart sing.

But back to my love of chocolate milk/hot chocolate.

The instant variety made with water will get me thru in a pinch but I vastly prefer it made with milk.
The milk should be slightly scorched and wicked hot.
It should also be served in my mug that I reserve for hot chocolate consumption.
Plus I prefer a less chocolatey hot chocolate over the chocolate saturation you can get from a coffee stand hot chocolate...

So you can imagine my delight when I ran across a Pin on Pinterest for 'Homemade Nesquick'

The delight was real.
I was so excited.
I might have peed a little.

So a couple weeks ago I was making my Canadian Whiskey Brownies (link here) and I thought, 'i'm going to give that homemade nesquick a whirl'...

I did.
I typically only buy the Special Dark Unsweetened Powdered Cocoa...

Let me tell you, once you've had hot dark chocolate cocoa or dark chocolate milk, that regular run of the mill powder cocoa won't do a thing for you.

The best part is that since it's homemade you can adjust the sugar to your liking! Not to mention the chemical's used for freshness that you get to exclude from each batch!!

The base of the recipe is this

1/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder. I use the Special Dark
2/3 cup of granulated sugar or bakers sugar if you prefer a more refined grind. Of course you can adjust this amount to your liking.
a pinch of salt

I mix it all up in a squat mason jar and keep it on top of the microwave for quick access!
Now, if you serve this cold I suggest mixing the powder in your glass with a smidge of hot water first to help it all dissolve then add your icy cold Milk, almond milk, rice milk, so milk or other milk like product that you may have discovered. Then guzzle it down and whip up another glass.

it can get a little messy...
I made a hot chocolate the other week with hot almond milk. Man, talk about amazing. It gave it this delicious nutty dark chocolate covered almond flavor that was really just delicious.

The link for the recipe where I discovered it is here
I hope you check it out and make up a batch yourself!
Your kids, grandkids, neighbor kids, and partners will all thank you...
D hasn't thanked me yet but then again I haven't shared it with him yet...

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. The birds pictured are salt and pepper shakers that were a gift from my brother and I adore them... almost as much as I adore him :)


Julie Crawford said…
Ooh, very fun! I've made this before too, it's pretty awesome. My husband adores chocolate milk (my wee one is still too wee for chocolate, and I thought this would be a good alternative than the corn syrup, fake ingredient stuff. It's delicious, too!
Carmel said…
I bet Miss L. will love chocolate milk as much as G when she's old enough... I drank two glasses last night before my husband and I went for our walk... Tonight I'm making it hot.

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