Cool Mornings...

There are a lot of great things that go along with being a knitter.
1. Yarn: There is so much yarn out there. So many different fibers and blended fibers to play with that is it any wonder a knitter guards her stash like Fort Knox... at least I do.

2. Patterns: The quantity of patterns available in books, pamphlets, pdf. downloads, knitting blogs, magazines, fiber companies, and inside yarn labels is mind bogling... Ravelry is my number one source for pattern hunting, designer hunting, and yarn information. I have a library of pdf's that I've bought over the years that I covet as much as I do the yarn I'm going to knit them with.

3. Notions: I can't get enough of pretty stitch markers, cable needles, crochet hooks for fixing mistakes, tape measures, pattern holders, project bags, gift tags, note pads, it goes on and on. My favorite right now, and I haven't gotten my hands on them but I'm working on it, is the Karbonz double point needle set from Webs. Along with the interchangeable needle set they have as well...

They are a little out of my price range... $75.00 for a set of dpns. $124.00 for a the interchangeable set but I bet they are amazing and I will collapse in a fit of giggles when I get my first set or pair or just one measly circular...

4. Endless supply of knitwear: Now this is what prompted this post. I woke up this morning, way earlier than I had planned for a Saturday and my day off but those dogs belly's are on a tight schedule and had to be filled at 4:30 a.m. They were nice enough to let me go back to sleep till 6:30 but then the gig was up... They are currently sound asleep in the sun pouring into the living room while I am now wide awake... back to the point. It's a little chilly this morning and seeing as how I just wear light cotton pants and a tee to bed I was cold walking thru the house to let the dogs out. Never fear knitwear is here! I reached for my pile of shawls that I have draped about because I find it aesthetically pleasing and wrapped it around my neck. I love it. I grabbed my Color Affection and I still love it. I love it so much... I'm pretty sure it ranks at the top of my list of favorite things...

I have some works in progress... My neighbors are expecting their first baby, it's going to be a boy and they are so excited. I'm excited for them thus I ordered the yarn to knit another Big Bad Baby Blanket... I went with Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Silver and Planetarium. I am actually following the pattern in full this time which means a seed stitch border. I didn't think I'd like seed stitch in stripes but I have to admit it's turning out lovely.

The fact that they are both police officers is totally unrelated to the colors chose but they are appropriate. 

Have a great Saturday!! I have to go rustle the husband out of bed so he can be gallant and take me out for breakfast and get me home to fry up our picnic chicken!



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