Finished Object: Ivy Trellis Hat

When Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting announced that she was releasing another pattern book I was excited.
Her collaboration with Hannah Fettig from Knitbot with Coastal Knits was beautifully done and the patterns wonderful.

Botanical Knits is just as wonderful, the patterns are stunning, and in true Alana style so well written it could make a knitter weep with joy as she knits every stitch..

I've been a huge fan of hers from the moment I cast on the Autumn Vines hat April 5, 2011.

Since then I've knit 17 things designed by Alana, some of them more than once!
Her designs gave me a love for knitting accessories using finer gauges and created in me a love of texture that sings to my heart. I love to touch my knitting. To feel it under my finger tips, to trace the stitch patterns. Watching them come alive after a good soak and stretch. The pattern practically blooms before your eyes.

So, when the new book was announced I was giddy.
When the time came to preorder, I was ready.

Everyone who preordered received a bonus pattern when their copy of Botanical Knits arrived.
Enter, Ivy Trellis Hat.

After I finished my DK weight Cream & Sugar cowl I immediately wound up another skein of yarn and cast on for the hat.

I'm smitten. I've been wearing it all afternoon since it came off the drying rack.

Here are the details:
Pattern: Ivy Trellis Hat
Designer: Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend
Needle Size: US 5 and US 6
Difficulty: light to medium. If you are beginner intermediate, have a link to Google and YouTube you can knit your way thru this. I only had to watch videos for 3 stitch patterns.
A T4B and T4F
A Dec5
and a T3B and T3F
the rest was easy peasy.

If you haven't already, order a copy or two of Botanical Knits.
I've already ordered yarn to knit the Ivy Trellis Socks and I plan on knitting the matching mittens come fall.

On a completely unrelated note I picked up a bottle of sparkling water at Whole Foods today that boasts the flavor of wild raspberries infused along with fresh lemons...
It tastes exactly like my favorite room freshener.

Tomorrow we are off on our first picnic of the summer to the Chateau Ste. Michelle for a live concert of Prairie Home Companion. I already made a batch of my homemade potato salad, cut up some fresh fruit, and tomorrow morning I'll make Alton Browns Buttermilk Fried chicken. I highly recommend it. It's good the first night hot, but the next day, cold from the fridge, it's amazing. You can find the recipe here.

My picnic backpack is all shined up and ready to load with goodies. We'll pick up the wine at the Chateau wine shop and get settled in our spot on the lawn! We have two more events this summer out there so I'm excited to see how it works! I'll try and take pictures and of course I'll pack my knitting to work on between gobbling delicious chicken, grapes, watermelon, and a crisp split of Chateau Ste. Michelle Pinot Gris!

Happy Friday everyone!!


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