A conversation...

D: will you do me a favor today?
Me: what is it? (I rarely give a straight up yes when anyone asks me this question)
D: will you go to the team store and pick me up a Seahawks tee?
Me: the one in Seattle?
D: no at the mall.
Me: The mall? (I say this a little taken aback and with some surprise)
D: yes... The mall
Me: ummm okay *i quick pull out my phone
D: what are you doing
Me: pulling up a map of the mall.
D: why?
Me: I need to map out the quickest way in and out in relation to the team store...

I have mall aversion. I don't think I've voluntarily gone to the mall in 25 years... I go at Christmas because we are procrastinators, but even then I'm not that willing :) and the last two Christmases we've gone to mall I've broken out in a rash all over my torso... Not fun.

Needless to say I did the favor, d will be sporting a new vintage looking Seahawks shirt at the preseason game against the Broncos tonight...

Me! I'll be kicking it with my niece at the Aquasox game in Everett...

Unless it rains out

Which looks highly likely...

For now, I'm knitting.

D just reminded me I need to pick him up at work.

So much for knitting.


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