Happens Every Time

Does this happen to you?
A new package of yarn arrives in the mail and even though you know what's inside, you know what project it's for, you've planned to start it after you finish the current project on your needles, all you need to do is safely tuck it away in the stash and make a mental note that it's there and ready when you are done with your current WIP.

That's always the plan when I track the packages and see that it's waiting on the porch.
I know what it is.
I know what project it's for.
I know exactly when said project needs to be done.
I have a fairly substantial project on the needles with a 'need to finish by date' that is creeping closer at an alarming rate.

I get home.
I calmly approach the front porch where I see a very squishy pillow shaped package waiting for me.
I pick it up and as I soon as I feel the softness of the package my whole plan goes down the crapper.

Sorry dogs, Momma's gotta wind up some yarn, you can eat later.

And so it started. I wound up the first two colors in a five color chevron baby blanket, hastily dumped food in the dogs bowls, and plopped down on the couch armed with my pattern, needles, and yarn.

As close to heaven as one can get while still alive.

Both projects are baby blankets. One for my neighbors due in October and one for our good friends who are expecting their third child in December.

So here is the plan.
The blanket with the closer deadline will be worked on at home since I have larger chunks of time to dedicate to it.

The chevron will be my traveling project for now and worked on during lunch at work.

The ivy trellis socks will be on  hiatus for a bit but not long. I want to wear them soon.


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