The Crazy Side

Is why I'm posting a rambling rather than an actual post... of course most of my posts could be considered rambling.

Something caught my eye today and kind of freaked me out so I had to remedy it immediately.

I'm superstitious to the point that;

- If I don't line my tavel mug lid up with the writing it'll spill all over and I'll get burned...(not true but that's what I think)
- I don't believe that hooey about black cats, and broken mirrors, and walking under ladders. However I don't walk under ladders, it seems dangerous, and I try to avoid breaking mirrors because it's messy.
- I believe in monsters under the bed, even now when I'm super tired I'm convinced they are down there, especially if I've watched a scary movie.
- I don't travel anywhere without my St. Christopher Medal(s). One time we went to Victoria and I had forgotten to put the necklace on... I didn't relax the whole time on the Clipper there and back. It was incredibly nerve wracking
- I'm obssessed with shark attacks and am thinking about getting a shark tattoo as kind of way to ward them off next time I go to Hawaii... (in my mind it'll work)

So this morning as I was settling in, checking my blog feed I looked at the top of the page and saw this....

Pageview chart 28132 pageviews - 666 posts, last published on Sep 10, 2013 

Well, that had to change immediately.
Number combinations freak me out, especially that one.
Too much Catholicism in me to make that comfortable.

So you get this... and weird little post about the crazy side of me

we could go deeper into that crazy side but I haven't had enough coffee for that yet...

Happy Wednesday!


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