Frustration Level: High

Mostly for Mr. Brown.
We had his follow up yesterday to see how the ol' orbit is healing.
The good news is that it has healed... a little
Not as much as we had hoped.
The middle part healed so now when they put the glow-dye in it looks like he has an hour glass
ulcer in his eye.

What does this mean for Mr. Brown?

Three more weeks in the cone.

Dr. B rubbed the still healing areas with a dry q-tip to kind agitate it to heal after numbing his eye.

So another round of antibiotic eye drops three times a day
More pain meds
More anti-anxiety meds (all natural) I might start taking them too.
More $$$
And three more weeks in the satellite dish.

Three. More. Weeks.

His frustration level is high.
My frustration level is high

We're all sporting semi-circle bruises from him running into us.

 Hopefully on November 15th it'll all be healed. The cone can come off and we can go back to normal.

I think if it's not better this time it'll be a trip to the specialist for a contact lens bandage.

All happy thoughts and prayers to St. Francis de Asisi would be welcome by me and Mr. Brown

As of tomorrow morning at this time he and I will both be incapacitated.

Tomorrow is phase two of 'operation hill billy'
Back in May we took a broken molar out.
Tomorrow they put the titanium screw into my jaw along with some bone grafting.
My surgery is at 8:00 a.m. they knock me out.
D has saved a ton of Duck Dynasty for me to watch tomorrow while I recuperate from the anesthesia and we've stocked up on soft foods... anything hard, crunchy or sharp will be off the menu for about six to eight weeks.

I might post a little blurb but remember I'll be semi conscious, there's no telling what I could come up with!


Mary* said…
WOW Carmel, prayers def coming your way for you and Mr. Brown!! Take it easy my friend~
Karen said…
Oh wow, good luck to you Carmel. I had the same situation a few years back. Healing takes awhile, but you'll be okay, I know you will.
Carmel said…
Thank you! I appreciate this! It's hard for me because I can help him with his frustration... My tooth has 6 months to heal before the put the screw in...

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