It's almost November and you know what that means...

The knitting retreat is literally two days away!



I'm so excited!

Breakfast Friday morning and Saturday morning at the Braeburn! Saturday with my friend Rhoda who I used to knit with every Tuesday!
Dinner at Prima Bistro, They just got a load of brussell sprouts in and I can't wait!
Wandering thru the Whidbey Island Soap Shop
Knitty Purls
The Star Store
The Star Store II (homeopathic apothecary style and they also carry my favorite tea!)


And my room! My room looks out over Saratoga Passage, has a little deck, a fire place and... my gosh I'm so excited I can barely type!

Knitting retreats are awesome.
If you've never gone on one you must find one and go.

I made a list of projects I'm going to bring, and I was really trying to reign myself in this year. I mean, last year I won the prize for having brought the most stuff to work on, and lets be honest, even bringing five projects is a bit out there.

last year I brought 21.

I made a list

Malt - Baby blanket number 4
Ivy Trellis Socks - it's time I finished those babies
Watermelon Socks - It's long past time I finished those
Hockey Sweater for Beans - because it's fingering weight and mindless I can work on it easily while chatting with the ladies. 

Simple, to the point. I'll be able to work on all of them at some point, right?

Into the bag, as if on auto pilot went a ball of
Navy 220 superwash - a potential hat for Bump
Halloween sock yarn - more socks?
Two skeins of 128 that have no need to be there but I'm sure I'll be inspired.
and a slew of other stuff...

I'm sure by Friday morning I'll have added more and will need a suitcase to haul it across the water with me...

Stay tuned I'll be posting photos all weekend long!


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