it's getting to me...

Knitting baby blankets...
and more baby blankets
and more, more, more.

don't get me wrong, I love knowing that my friends and family have warm blankets to wrap their new bundles of love in, and I love seeing photos of the babies with their blankets.


I should make that bigger because it's a big one


I need a little something more....
A wee bit
Of instant gratification and some more time to finish a couple things.

So I bring my Ivy Trellis sock to work to knit on
and last night I cast on a fingering weight baby sweater for my new hockey buddy Beans.

Beans and I at dinner the other night getting our pre-game funk on... well I was getting my funk on she was just watching me... skeptically

I chose the colors on the Silvertips team jersey's.
I even contacted Robin at Buttons by Robin on Etsy to create some very special buttons for it.

You know what's funny?
I said 'Instant Gratification' and 'fingering weight' in the same post.
It's like an oxymoron :)

Or I'm a moron for thinking that anything fingering weight euqals instant gratification at the very least.

It's going to be adorable on her, plus I heard that the team store has finally gotten in some baby onesies so she'll have a complete outfit...

Beans loves hockey.
She loves to watch the boys skate.
I like to watch the boys skate.
I can't skate so I find it fascinating when they jump in the air.
Beans finds the fast movement fascinating.
Maybe she finds me fascinating?

Busy day/night today
Follow up for Mr. Brown (I failed to mention he had a corneal ulcer and has been getting drops at ridiculous times of day, plus another ear infection so he's deaf again while the medical tar absorbs) So, follow up for him today.
Bowling League tonight
followed by
Hockey Night!

Talk to you tomorrow before we head out to Sausage Fest in Everett!

Sausage Fest, sounds glorious. I've never been to one...
Don't worry, I'm making tons of dirty jokes in my head and cracking myself up!

Happy Friday


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