long day...

It's going to be a long day.
It already feels like a long day.
It's just me and my Gabby today.

Mr. Brown went in for a follow up on his corneal ulcer and instead of getting better it did the opposite.

that's right, it got worse.

way worse.

the good

news, because there is good news. His ear infection has cleared up.

the downside? He's getting a corneal keratotomy on his left eyes... they are basically scraping a grid onto the ulcer to promote a healing response.

Gabby doesn't like being at home when Mr. Brown isn't home.

neither do I for that matter.

I rearranged the furniture in the living room because the boy is coming home with a satellite on his melon so it'll be easier for him to walk around... it's going to be wicked for a while here.

on a positive note, the transformation of the guest room to guest/office/knitting room has begun.
I still have my desk from 1985 (thanks mom) and the chair, and the poem I wrote in 1985 and I've set that up for a work space. The open closet is housing all most of my yarn and it's kind of nice having it right next to me.


It's nice having Gabby next to me too

Happy Saturday


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